The treasure is not that which you find at journey's end, but the journey itself. This is immutable truth because I say so—and I'm the one who hid the maps. Thank you for the memories.
Yours sincerely

Sylvester Yeagre

Scraps of Mystery is a sidequest in Final Fantasy XV where the party must find pieces of a map. The treasures in this quest tend to be near the actual quest marker on the map, but can still be tricky to find as the player needs to be near to them for the item marker to appear. There are fourteen scraps of a larger map, which make up the full map. This is an allusion to number 15, the completed map being the 15th map. The maps were left behind by Sylvester Yeagre, a treasure hunter and grandfather of Sania, one of the quest-givers Noctis and his friends can meet along their travels.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Scraps of Mystery I[edit | edit source]

The scrap is under a plastic chair on the porch of the Longwythe Rest Area motel, furthest end from the reception desk. It marks a spot south, between two roads near the Emmelle Haven and the parking spot for Balouve Mines. The treasure is the key item, Sylvester's Map Piece A, south of the quest marker, on a pile of crumbled stone.

Scraps of Mystery II[edit | edit source]

The Prairie Outpost has a wooden shack. Between the hut and the fence is a wooden trolley that has a map that marks areas in the ruins of Keycatrich. The treasure is the key item, Sylvester's Map Piece B, in the northeast corner on another trolley.

Scraps of Mystery III[edit | edit source]

North of the Three Valleys and west from the Weaverwilds, in the three-way intersection south of the Norduscaen Blockade parking spot, there are ruined buildings and water towers. The shack up the hill to the east holds the map near some sacks that marks a spot in the Three Valleys. The treasure is the key item, Sylvester's Map Piece C, behind concrete toppled pillars in the westernmost valley (the valley where Sabertusk and Daggerquill frequently roam around) of the Three Valleys area.

Scraps of Mystery IV[edit | edit source]

The treasure is in the Crestholm Channels dungeon, which has the suggested level of 50, although the player can enter any time. From the Esterleiden Blockade parking spot (guarded by imperials), the player should head through the gate to the end of the road. The map is behind the red barriers in the southwest corner, on the ground next to the Almanac Crestholm Channels on the table.

At the nearby Crestholm Channels sewers entrance, the player should follow the passage and climb the steps at the end, turn right at the top, turn left at the next junction, drop down to the area below, go right, and right again, climb the ramp, descend the corridor, turn left, turn right at the metal bars, drop down through the gap at the end, turn right, and in the four-way junction enter the door ahead: the treasure is the key item, Sylvester's Map Piece D, to the left by the wall.

Scraps of Mystery V[edit | edit source]

Northwest from the westernmost "valley" of the Three Valleys area, there are the remains of a building next to a segment of piping. The map is in the debris beneath it, and marks a spot west of Longwythe Peak. The treasure is in a dip in the middle of a big rock to the west of the quest marker.

Scraps of Mystery VI[edit | edit source]

The map is on the parking spot west of Nebulawood (Roadside Scrapyard) by the rusty car at the north end. The treasure is at the base of a stone arch, in the corner right of the quest marker.

Scraps of Mystery VII[edit | edit source]

Near the middle part of the chocobo race track in Duscae there are cylindrical buildings with yellow roofs. The map is under the stairs in front of the taller building. It marks a spot near Fociaugh Hollow entrance on the Malacchi Hills. The treasure is just south of the quest marker behind a square pillar.

Scraps of Mystery VIII[edit | edit source]

The map is in the warehouse near Cauthess Rest Area, in the far right corner near the shelves. The treasure is at the quest marker west of Disc of Cauthess under the derelict assault craft.

Scraps of Mystery IX[edit | edit source]

Taelpar Rest Area has white converted shipping containers next to the Crow's Nest Diner and the shop. The map is under the container closest to the road. It marks a spot under the stone arches in Schier Heights. There is a path through the woods near the tunnel leading southwest. The treasure is in the bushes just west of the quest marker.

Scraps of Mystery X[edit | edit source]

West of the Aracheole Stronghold on the Kelbass Grasslands there is s a small fenced off area. The map is in the vent on the south side of the northernmost building with red bricks. It marks a spot south of the stronghold. The treasure is on the eastern edge of the large rock formation in the middle of the search area.

Scraps of Mystery XI[edit | edit source]

The map is in the remains of a ruined house in Pallareth Pass. From the Alpine Stable parking spot, the player can climb the hill to the west to find the house. The map is in the western corner. The treasure is in Lestallum, in a metal grate on the steps leading down from the weapon shop near the quest marker.

Scraps of Mystery XII[edit | edit source]

The western side of Meldacio Hunter HQ has a building with trees and flowers on the porch. The map is behind the western side in the yellow bin round the corner. It marks a spot at the curve of the road in Pallareth Pass. The treasure is in a concrete bunker.

Scraps of Mystery XIII[edit | edit source]

The map is where Kimya Auburnbrie resides, at the House of Hexes south of the entrance to the Malmalam Thicket. The map is around the side of the building near the parasol, in a wooden frame. The treasure is the key item, Sylvester's Map Piece M, atop the Cape Caem lighthouse. The lift operates from Chapter 9 onwards.

Scraps of Mystery XIV[edit | edit source]

South of Fort Vaullerey (the imperial base northeast from Malmalam Thicket) there is an abandoned car in the middle of the two forking roads. The treasure is in the Greyshire Glacial Grotto, down the first two "ice slides" on the north side.

Completed map (X Marks the Spot)[edit | edit source]

After finding all the scraps the completed map shows the location of a Mythril Ingot and 50,000 gil on the final ascent to the royal tomb on the Rock of Ravatogh.

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