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Scott is a character from Final Fantasy II. He is a prince of Kashuan and the elder brother of Gordon. He first appeared as a minor character, but in the Soul of Rebirth quest he plays a larger role as a party member.

Story Edit

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Scott's death

The party finds Scott at Fynn.

The alliance between his kingdom and Fynn, along with his feelings for Princess Hilda, lead him to defend Fynn Castle during the Empire's Siege. Unfortunately, he dies shortly after the attack, though not before telling Firion about Borghen's treason. He gives the party the Map Ring just prior to his death. He asks Firion to also tell Hilda his feelings for her, though he reconsiders, not wanting her to grieve, leading to Hilda never learning the truth about his feelings towards her.

In Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, Scott appears as a playable character during the Soul of Rebirth sidequest. He is first seen in the Unknown Cave facing off against undead members of the Palamecian Army which he had already killed in the first place. With the aid of Minwu, he is able to defeat the monsters. Scott himself journeys with Minwu, trying to find the reason why they have arrived to such an inhospitable place. Eventually, Scott and Minwu meet with Ricard Highwind and Josef.

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Gameplay Edit

As Scott is not playable in the main game, his stats in Soul of Rebirth will always be the same. Scott is similar to a Red Mage, having all-around decent stats. He joins knowing several moderately-leveled basic spells and is proficient with all weapons to at least Level 2, with higher levels in shields and swords. He has high Magic and Stamina so his stats will grow quickly. His initial equipment consists of a Mythril Sword and a full set of Mythril armor. Because Minwu has healing and buffing spells covered, and Josef and Ricard have more skill as physical attackers, training Scott with Black Magic is a good idea, especially since he begins knowing several spells already and can immediately begin training to raise his MP and Intelligence with them. If the player chooses to focus Scott in magic, purchasing a Flare Tome in the Unknown Cave is a good idea to teach him the spell. His ultimate weapon is the Wild Rose sword, which boosts his Strength and Intelligence to reinforce his versatility as a fighter or mage-type character.

Initial abilities Edit

Stat Level
HP 700
MP 100
Strength 30
Spirit 30
Intelligence 30
Stamina 30
Agility 35
Magic 30
Spell Level
Fire 4
Blizzard 4
Thunder 4
Cure 4
Life 1
Category Level
Unarmed 2
Knives 2
Swords 8
Staves 2
Axes 2
Spears 2
Bows 2
Shields 7

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Scott

Scott is a playable character who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event The Torch Burns On as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Keeper of Treasures stage.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

Scott TCG

Scott appears with a fire-elemental card.

Triple TriadEdit

016a Scott

Scott appears on a Triple Triad card.


Etymology Edit

The given name Scott is taken from the original surname, which refers to a person of Scottish ancestry.

Trivia Edit

  • A rose can be seen at the hilt of Scott's sword in his artwork. His ultimate weapon in Soul of Rebirth is also named the Wild Rose. This is also the name of Firion's ultimate weapon in Dissidia Final Fantasy.
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