Scotch is a minor supporting character in the Final Fantasy VII series, serving as a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy VII and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is one of Don Corneo’s henchmen in the Wall Market district of Sector 6 and seems to hold a high rank.

History[edit | edit source]

Original continuity[edit | edit source]

During "To Corneo Hall", Scotch and Kotch watched as Don Corneo auditioned a crossdressing Cloud alongside Tifa and Aerith. When he made his choice, the don told his henchmen the others were theirs, who thanked and saluted him.

If Tifa or Aerith were selected, Scotch went to the next room over and introduced the "guests" to the other henchmen. He said they'd take "real good care of them" and reminded that the "don provides". He observed the henchmen lecherously hound Cloud, leering and snickering. Scotch asked Cloud what's wrong, and if he wanted "company". He questioned Cloud's declination, who revealed himself to be a man, greatly angering Scotch. He ordered the henchmen to "beat the crap out of him". Once the henchmen were dealt with, Cloud defeated Scotch in battle as well.

Remake continuity[edit | edit source]

During "The Town That Never Sleeps", Scotch and Kotch were the announcers of the Corneo Cup at the Corneo Colosseum. Together, they introduced the tournament and revealed the prize money to be 1,000,000 gil. Throughout the tournament, they egged on the participants and kept the audience hyped and entertained. Upon the defeat of the Hell House, Scotch and Kotch cheerfully announced Cloud and Aerith as the winners.

Kotch excited about Corneo's audition "leftovers", Tifa and Aerith.

Later, when Corneo auditioned a crossdressing Cloud alongside Tifa and Aerith, Scotch waited in the next room. Cloud was chosen and Corneo told his henchmen the "leftovers" were theirs. Kotch brought Tifa and Aerith over, presenting them to Scotch and the other henchmen, much to their excitement. He asked the ladies if they were ready to "get to it" and gawked as he awaited their answer. Once Tifa and Aerith "agreed", Scotch recognized Aerith from the colosseum; Aerith then kicked him in the groin and Tifa kicked him in the face, knocking him unconscious.[1]

After Shinra Electric Power Company's ransacking of Corneo's mansion, Scotch and the other henchmen, besides Kotch tied up in the basement, were nowhere to be seen.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Scotch is a man with a slim build. He has light skin, brown (black in Remake) hair styled in a high ponytail shaved on the sides, and his eyes are concealed behind a pair of sunglasses. He wears a green-buttoned jacket with prominent white cuffs, black and white gloves, silky black pants, and tall black boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Scotch is an obedient and indignant henchman to Don Corneo, always following his orders and praising him for his "generosity".[1] Dramatic and enthusiastic, he enjoys the matches performed at the colosseum. He is fond of women and lecherous, as shown when Corneo gives the "leftover" candidates to him and the others.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Field model in Final Fantasy VII.

In Final Fantasy VII, his battle model has a ski mask and goggles, unlike his regular model, which is barefaced and wearing a pair of sunglasses.

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