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A large sentry weapon manufactured by Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division. Highly mobile due to its multiple legs and armored with an array of heavy weapons. Deployed at Mako Reactor 1 to protect the core.

Enemy details

The Scorpion Sentinel is the first boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake, fought during "Set the Charge" in Chapter 1, "The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1".

Live demos featured the battle with this boss, and the downloadable demo included it.


EXP 100
Gil 100
Elemental affinities
Fire 100%
Lightning 200%
Immune*(When Field Generator is active)
Location Mako Reactor 1 - Core
Other information Attacks can only be interrupted when pressured or staggered.
Drop*(Has a chance of dropping the item) None
Abilities Auto-Repair, Death Grip, Electrostomp, EM Field, Mark 98 Cannons, Mark 99 Launchers, Overkill, Scorpion Strikes, Stinger Salvo, Tail Laser, Tail Swipe, Target Scanner


The Scorpion Sentinel will start off with Electrostomp, stomping it front legs, knocking back and dealing a great amount of damage to all party characters in front of it. It will then use Target Scanner to lock on to one nearby party member before deploying its Mark 99 Launchers at them. With the scanned party member as the center, the missiles land on a wide radius and hits other party members within said radius. Its attacks for the rest of the battle include:

  • Electrostomp, Target Scanner, and Mark 99 Launchers,
  • Mark 98 Cannons, a two to three-hit attack with each hit dealing a tiny amount of damage each, but it interrupts the player,
  • Jumping into the air and stomping party members, dealing damage within a small radius,
  • Mark 99 Launchers while on the wall,
  • EM Field, a heavy knock-back attack that deals a great amount of damage,
  • Death Grip, binding a party member with its front claw,
  • Scorpion Strikes, where it strikes from behind using its tail for 6 hits, each dealing a great amount of damage,
  • Tail Swipe, which swipes any party member behind it using its tail.
Tail Laser from FFVII Remake

Tail Laser.

After losing about one-fourth of its HP, it will move onto the opposite platform and activate its Field Generator under its main body near the tail, where it is vulnerable to attacks. As long as the Field Generator is operational, every part of the the Scorpion Sentinel is immune to lightning attacks, with its main body tremendously mitigating damage that it sustains. The Field Generator is its only vulnerable part in this phase. If its HP is not lowered quickly enough after destroying the Field Generator, it can activate another Field Generator.

When only a half of its HP remains, the Scorpion Sentinel will move back to the other platform and will activate its Tail Laser, which deals a great amount of damage and can now use for the rest of the battle. In this phase, it will move from side to side of the platform. It can also start using Stinger Salvo; the Scorpion Sentinel sends out 10 cannon balls consecutively with light trailing behind each of them, each dealing a small amount of damage.

With only a small amount of HP remaining, the Scorpion Sentinel will move back to the middle and start using Auto-Repair to restore 94 HP. It will also begin to utilize Overkill, which combines its Mark 99 Launchers, Mark 98 Cannons, and Stinger Salvo to perform an area of effect attack that deals low damage with each hit on its opponents.


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