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Scorpion is one of the monsters available for Mira to summon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord. Players unlock Scorpion early in the game.

Scorpions cost 50 NP and one monster slot to summon, and attack at a normal speed with no special added effects. Although Scorpions may seem unremarkable, they play the part of standard ranged summon very well: they do not die especially quickly, they attack at a normal speed, take up only one slot on a floor, and have a low NP cost.

Scorpions attack by shooting stingers from their tails. They are proficient at dispatching and resisting magic users, but melee attackers will resist the Scorpion's attacks and tear them apart at close range. In combat with adventurers who use ranged attacks, both the Scorpion and the adventurer will take very little damage from each other.