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"One of many Stellazzio in the world. Scorpio was very timid. He always looked at his shadow, until one day, he decided to look away. He walked up a hill."

Final Fantasy IX

Scorpio Symbol.png Scorpio (スコーピオ, Sukōpio?), the Scorpion, is a sign of the Zodiac and a recurring symbol in the Final Fantasy series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IX[edit | edit source]

Scorpio is one of the Stellazzio coins collected by Queen Stella. It is found in Quan's Dwelling, at the bottom of a rope ladder in the hot springs area.

Final Fantasy XI[edit | edit source]

The Scorpius Subligar is one of the thirteen Zodiac subligaria obtained from a Fomor Red Mage in specific level-capped dungeons around Tavnazia. It is used to obtain the Glamor Jupon, a tunic worn by Red Mages and Scholars.

Additionally, the Scorpion Casters were a Windurstian Caster Company composed of Black Mages that fought in the Crystal War, led by Gariri the Magnificent.

Final Fantasy XII[edit | edit source]

The Esper Cúchulainn, aligned with the element of Poison, embodies the sign of Scorpio. In the Zodiac versions, the Scorpio emblem is represented by the Foebreaker job. Scorpio Gems are dropped by Fiend-type enemies.

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit | edit source]

The guardian constellation of Scorpio.

Zodiac sign description

Scorpio is one of the twelve auracites, and one of the seven inhabited by a Lucavi demon. The Church of Glabados is working with the Lucavi, and thus Cardinal Delacroix, a high-ranking church official, is given the Scorpio Stone to entice him to find others. After the Cardinal's unsuccessful attempt to wrench the Taurus Stone from Mustadio Bunansa, Mustadio and his friends Ramza Beoulve and Agrias Oaks confront Delacroix at Lionel Castle where he pulls out the Scorpio Stone and transforms into the Lucavi Cúchulainn.

Scorpio is also a zodiac sign used to determine damage compatibility between characters during battle. Scorpio has optimal compatibility with Taurus, good compatibility with Pisces and Cancer, and bad compatibility with Aquarius and Leo. In the Ivalician calendar system, the month of Scorpio lasts 30 days and corresponds with the dates October 23 to November 21 of the real world Gregorian calendar.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

The Scorpio Recipe appears as a trade accessory.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Scorpio is one of the constellations of the zodiac, and its also a zodiac sign used in astrology.

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