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We are the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, an order that transcends political boundaries. Our single objective is the preservation of the future of Eorzea.

Minfilia Warde

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn [ˈsaɪ.ɒnz] is an order in Final Fantasy XIV that was formed by the Circle of Knowing coming together with the Path of the Twelve following the Seventh Umbral Era. The Waking Sands, the Scions' initial headquarters, was located in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan. At the start of the Seventh Astral Era, they relocated to the Rising Stones in Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona.

The player character is a prominent member in the order, whose other members act as their allies and supporters.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn was formed through a merger of the remaining Circle of Knowing and Path of the Twelve members in the aftermath of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, as per Louisoix's last wishes. As Eorzea struggled to rebuild in the Seventh Umbral Era, the Scions kept watch over the activities of the beast-tribes and the Garlean Empire, as well as the enigmatic Ascians.

The Warrior of Light was recruited to become a member due to their proficiency in using the Echo. They were directed to the Waking Sands with the password "wild rose" to prove their identity to the otherwise elusive organization. As part of the Scions, the Warrior of Light kept tabs on the beast-tribes who had begun summoning primals with the masked Ascians' help, eventually slaying Ifrit and Titan.

When the Warrior returned triumphant after defeating Titan, they witnessed a scene of carnage with the majority of the Scions dead or believed missing. A dying Noraxia relayed Minfilia Warde's last words before her abduction. Through the Echo, the Warrior of Light learned that Garlean Tribunus Livia sas Junius had raided the Waking Sands to capture Minfilia and the other Scions, killing anyone else. Though the Scions were publicly believed to be disbanded, Alphinaud Leveilleur tracked down both the Warrior of Light and an amnesiac Cid nan Garlond to revive the order and confront the awakened Garuda.

Their victory over the Lady of Vortex was short-lived, as Legatus Gaius van Baelsar revealed his trump card: the Ultima Weapon that effortlessly absorbed the primals. As Gaius issued his ultimatum to the Eorzean city-states and beast-tribes, the Warrior of Light regrouped with the remaining Scions to rescue Minfilia and the others from Castrum Centri. As they narrowly escaped from the Ultima Weapon, they learned the Ascian overlord Lahabrea had possessed Thancred Waters and had been working with Gaius and the Garlean Empire.

Now mostly restored, the Scions convinced the leaders of Eorzea to unite against the Legatus and the Ultima Weapon. Through Operation Archon, the combined military might cut off the Legatus's supports, enabling the Warrior of Light to confront him and his weapon. The Ultima Weapon destroyed, the Warrior of Light faced Lahabrea, and—using the Crystals of Light—expelled him from Thancred's body. With the threat of Gaius van Baelsar gone, the Scions turned their attentions back to the primals.

Due to increasing pressure from the Syndicate, the Scions relocated to the Rising Stones in Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona, which was outside any city-state's jurisdiction. Alphinaud founded a Grand Company called the Crystal Braves, as he felt the Scions were in need of a military force to cover the gaps between the other Grand Companies. The Scions conducted research into stopping the Ascian menace using White Auracite, where it was proven to work against Nabriales.

The Crystal Braves were secretly funded by Teledji Adeledji of the Ul'dahn Monetarists, and Grand Crystal Marshal Ilberd Feare held grudges against both Raubahn Aldynn and the Warrior of Light. At the banquet to celebrate the Defense of Ishgard, the Scions were framed for the apparent assassination of Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. During the escape from the royal palace, with Brass Blades and turncoat Crystal Braves in pursuit, most of the Scions were separated and remained unaccounted for. Only the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, and Tataru Taru fled to Coerthas to seek asylum in the Holy See.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

The...the Scions of the Seventh Dawn labor for Eorzea's salvation. Whenever the realm is threatened, be it by primal, Ascian, Garlean or any other, we take up arms in her defense, that all in Eorzea may live to see a brighter tomorrow.


Lord Haurchefant of Camp Dragonhead, the Scions' old friend, arranged for their protection. His father, Count Edmont de Fortemps, declared the Scions wards of House Fortemps and permitted them to cross the Steps of Faith. As part of his hospitality, Fortemps Manor became the Scions' temporary new home.

When Ishgard came under the threat of a new massing of the Dravanian Horde under dragon Nidhogg's command, Alphinaud hoped to parley peace to spare further bloodshed. Accompanied by Estinien Wyrmblood, the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud met with Ysayle Dangoulain of the heretics. She took them to meet with the peaceful great wyrm Hraesvelgr to find a way to stay Nidhogg's wrath. The journey into Dravania was fraught with peril as they ran afoul of the Gnath and their new primal, Ravana, before climbing the sacred mountain of Sohm Al. Atop the Churning Mists they discovered a village of Moogles who guided them to Hraesvelgr. The great wyrm recounted the truth of King Thordan's betrayal against the dragons that had started the Dragonsong War, and explained the extent of Nidhogg's quest for vengeance against Ishgard.

The only remaining option to halt the Dravanian Horde was for the Warrior of Light and Estinien to slay the vengeful Nidhogg. They discovered Nidhogg had been in possession of one of Hraesvelgr's eyes. Since Haldrath had taken Nidhogg's eyes, and the Azure Dragoon had only been powered by the left eye, Estinien was concerned about the fate of the missing eye. Suspicions fell upon Archbishop Thordan VII and the Ishgardian Orthodox Church, as the streets filled with rioting heretics who infiltrated the city-walls.

The riot was a plot by Thordan VII and his Heavens' Ward to instill fear in the populace despite Nidhogg's defeat. Altercations with the Heavens' Ward soon revealed why: the millennium-long faith in the legend of King Thordan and his Twelve Knights was how they became a primal. The pursuit of the Archbishop into the Sea of Clouds led to Azys Lla, an ancient Allagan superstructure floating above Abalathia's Spine. To complicate matters, the Garlean VIth Imperial Legion was also after the archbishop, with Alphinaud and the Warrior of Light coming face-to-face with both Legatus Regula van Hydrus and Emperor Varis zos Galvus.

Unable to move past the powerful barrier around Azys Lla, the Scions returned to Ishgard where they learned of one of the missing members' whereabouts. With the help of Kan-E-Senna, Y'shtola Rhul was rescued from the Lifestream, having ended up there after using a forbidden magick to escape pursuit. Rejoining the Scions and informed of the current situation, she suggested they seek out her mentor, Matoya, in Dravania. The elderly scholar recognized the name Azys Lla as a place where ancient Allag had researched primals and dragons. Using a tome containing her concepts for an aetheric ram, Cid outfitted the remodeled Enterprise with a prototype using Nidhogg's eye, piercing the barrier around the floating continent.

With the Scions and the Garleans clashing over the Azys Lla, the Warrior of Light headed to the central structure, the Flagship, and prevailed against Lahabrea and Igeyorhm at the bottom of the Aetherochemical Research Facility. Igeyorhm was contained in White Auracite before she could flee, and was destroyed with Nidhogg's left eye. The Archbishop and his retinue appeared with Haldrath's sarcophagus, explaining Nidhogg's right eye was interred with the first Azure Dragoon. He transformed into the primal King Thordan who used the eye to sustain his power and declared his intent to become God King. Turning on Lahabrea, he slayed the Ascian overlord and consumed his aether. He informed the Warrior of Light that if they "take issue with his godhood, he will answer with his blade".

King Thordan and his Twelve Knights were defeated, ending their reign. When Estinien picked up Nidhogg's eyes, the great wyrm's spirit took control of him and he transformed into the vengeful wyrmking reborn with both eyes intact and ready to resume his war on Ishgard. Compounding matters, the malevolent Illuminati summoned the primal Alexander at the abandoned city of Sharlayan. With Minfilia and others still missing, the Scions' troubles were far from over.

Shortly after King Thordan's defeat[1], Krile joined the remaining Scions, an old friend of Minfilia's and Alphinaud's former teacher, in the hopes of using her knowledge to find the still-missing members of the order. Thanks to her talents, the Scions were reunited with Thancred when the latter saved them from a confrontation with the Warriors of Darkness. Thancred had emerged from the Lifestream in the Dravanian Forelands, and had been surviving there with the help of the Vath. Though he did not admit it himself, Y'shtola suspected that as a side effect of his time in the Lifestream, he had lost the ability to use magick.

While investigating the activities of the Warriors of Darkness, the Scions reunited with Yda Hext and Papalymo Totolymo, who had been working with the Ala Mhigan Resistance, as well as Alphinaud's twin sister Alisaie, who finally agreed to officially join the group. Though Alphinaud was now the Scions' de facto leader, he insisted that the others consider him as an equal comrade.

Tensions began to rise at the Gridanian-Gyr Abanian border, as the leader of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, known only as the Griffin, rallied his forces for an attack against Baelsar's Wall. The Scions took part in a meeting with the Eorzean Alliance leaders to decide a course of action. The Griffin proceeded with an assault, and the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, Alisaie, Yda, and Papalymo attempted to stop him. The Griffin used the attack as a false flag operation to make it look like the Alliance had assaulted the wall to force them to strike against the Garleans occupying Ala Mhigo.

The Scions encountered the Griffin at the top of the Wall only to discover he was Ilberd Feare. The Warrior defeated him, but as a final gambit, Ilberd revealed he had the eyes of Nidhogg. He threw himself off the wall and his death, combined with his hate and despair and the eyes, summoned a great primal wyrm, Shinryu. To halt the summoning temporarily, Papalymo sacrificed himself to trap Shinryu in an aetherial orb, buying the Scions time to find a way to stop it altogether.

The Scions discussed the matter with the Alliance leaders. With Nero tol Scaeva's unexpected arrival, they found their answer: Omega, an ancient weapon buried in the Carteneau Flats. The Scions, alongside Cid and Nero, headed there to activate it. As Shinryu broke free, it and Omega engaged but the result of their battle was uncertain since both disappeared. Nevertheless, due to the Griffin's actions, the Alliance was forced to launch a campaign to liberate Ala Mhigo from the Empire. The loss of Papalymo caused Yda to discard her mask and reveal her real identity as Lyse, Yda Hext's little sister. The real Yda had died during the imperial occupation of Ala Mhigo. The Scions joined the Alliance as a special unit.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

The Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, Alisaie, Lyse, Y'shtola, and Krile arrived in Ala Mhigo to help the Alliance. Lyse led the group to the headquarters of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, Rhalgr's Reach, where the Resistance leader, Conrad Kemp, explained they needed reinforcements as they were weak at the moment. Lyse led the group to Ala Ghanna to recruit members while some Scions stayed back at the Reach to help the remaining Resistance. After some recruiting the group learned of the Skulls, a special Garlean unit that consisted of Ala Mhigan youths, led by one Fordola rem Lupis.

Returning to Castrum Oriens, the group escorted Lyse's friend, M'naago Rahz, to declare the cooperation of Ala Mhigan Resistance with Eorzean Alliance. The allied force attacked a Garlean contingent in a joint offensive, giving them a first real victory against a Garlean force. The viceroy of Garlean Province of Ala Mhigo, Zenos yae Galvus, learned about the defeat of his force and killed the messenger in anger. Fordola, wanting to prove herself to her superior, came with a plan to Zenos.

Back in Castrum Oriens, Lyse's group was surprised to learn that Rhalgr's Reach had been attacked. They arrived to see the Resistance being wiped out by the forces of XIIth Imperial Legion led by Zenos yae Galvus himself. Zenos defeated Lyse, and when he almost killed her, Y'shtola protected her with a barrier spell. Zenos's katana pierced the barrier and grievously wounded Y'shtola. The Warrior of Light confronted Zenos, but was also defeated. Seemingly bored, Zenos called off the attack.

The Resistance's morale shattered, Alphinaud suggested for the remaining group to aid Doma instead, another province under Zenos's rule, to make the Garlean forces fight on two fronts. Alisaie received a gift from Urianger Augurelt, a rapier, and changed her job into Red Mage. The Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, Alisaie, and Tataru headed to Limsa Lominsa and requested aid from a pirate named Carvallain de Gorgagne. After arriving in a ship graveyard called the Sirensong Sea, the Warrior of Light vanquished the spirits within to continue their journey.

The Scions arrived in the port town of Kugane, in the shogunate of Hingashi. They met with Hancock Fitzgerald, a representative of East Aldenard Trading Company, which Lord Lolorito Nanarito of all people had instructed to aid them. The group sought Yugiri Mistwalker and Gosetsu Daito, and found the Roegadyn captured by the Hingan Sekiseigumi. Hancock paid for his release, and the group crossed the Ruby Sea in search of Yugiri, while Alphinaud and Tataru left to organize everything in Kugane.

In the Ruby Sea, the group was greeted by the Confederacy, a pirate group that ruled the area who were yet powerless to stop the Garlean army from oppressing the local populace. The Garlean forces in Doma were led by the viceroy of Doma Province, Yotsuyu goe Brutus. Alisaie had an idea to ask the help of Blue Kojin tribe to repel the imperial army. The Blue Kojin agreed, but asked the group to retrieve their sacred stolen treasure from the Red Kojin. After reuniting all treasure in the Red Kojin's territory, the Scions inadvertently summoned the primal, Susano. The Warrior of Light defeated Susano, thus enlisting the Blue Kojin's help. With the combined force of Confederacy and Blue Kojin, they repelled the Garlean army from the Ruby Sea.

The group continued to the Doman territory of Yanxia, where they saw the populace's desperation under Garlean rule. Reuniting with Yugiri in the Doman Resistance base of House of the Fierce, they were surprised to see Zenos arrive in the light of Ruby Sea's loss. Yugiri tasked the Warrior of Light to assassinate Zenos, but he was too strong. The populace of Yanxia took arm to defend them, and in boredom, Zenos left.

After this fiasco, Yugiri suggested the group seek out Lord Hien Rijin, the last member of Doman royalty. They found him in the Azim Steppe, and Hien agreed to lead the Doman Resistance. He proposed enlisting the help of the Steppe's Xaela Au Ra tribes, but they were rejected. They realized that to order the tribes, they must win the Nadaam, an annual bout of supremacy among the Xaela that decided the khagan of the Steppe. Passing the test in Bardam's Mettle, the group participated in the Nadaam, where the Warrior of Light won.

The day of liberating Doma at hand, Alphinaud returned from Kugane to help the party. With assistance from the Confederacy, Blue Kojin, and Xaela tribes, they assaulted the Doman Castle. The Warrior of Light breached the ramparts and defeated the army inside. Before they could capture Yotsuyu to make her pay for her sins, the castle collapsed, bringing Gosetsu down with the viceroy. Although the price of victory was steep, Doma was free at last. Hien promised to assist the Eorzean Alliance to liberate Ala Mhigo, and the group returned to Eorzea.

Upon returning to Rhalgr's Reach, the Scions learned the situation had worsened because imperial forces had ambushed a convoy bringing the wounded and abducted Krile. As Thancred volunteered to rescue her, the other Scions captured Castellum Velodyna, one of the most important imperial strongholds in Ala Mhigo with the assistance of the Ala Mhigan Resistance. The group accompanied M'naago back home to the Peering Stones when they learned about the plight of Qalyana tribe from the Ananta: Fordola's Skulls had captured their broodmother to ensure their fealty to the Garleans. The Scions assaulted the Skulls' base, but in confusion, Fordola slayed one of the Qalyana. In despair, the Qalyana broodmother summoned their goddess, Sri Lakshmi, and the Warrior of Light was forced to kill the primal.

In Ala Mhigo, using Krile, the imperials experimented on Fordola to help overcome the Garleans' inability to manipulate aether to wield magick. The experiment was a success and Fordola was given a new mission while Thancred watched from the shadows.

When the Eorzean Alliance laid siege on the imperial facility Specula Imperatoris, Fordola arrived in Castrum Abania and ordered the facility destroyed by cannonfire to kill everyone fighting there. As the Scions raced to Castrum Abania, Estinien arrived and sabotaged the cannon before it could fire again. Later, Lyse confronted Fordola alone and learned that she had been imbued with an artificial Echo, becoming a Resonant. Fordola fell back as the Warrior of Light arrived.

As a dying Conrad left the command of the Ala Mhigan Resistance to Lyse, the Alliance prepared for their final move: assault on Ala Mhigo, where Zenos invited the Warrior of Light for a final duel. Before that, Lyse challenged the Warrior in a sparring match while having a heart-to-heart. When the Alliance started the final push to the Lochs, the main force attacked the gate while the Scions infiltrated the Ala Mhigan Quarter to rescue Krile, Urianger joining with a device to counter Fordola's Resonant abilities. They defeated Fordola, who yet boasted that Zenos was still stronger.

The Warrior returned to assist the Alliance main force at the castle itself after Hien and his Doman army defeated the magitek air force that was holding the Warrior back. Destroying the Garlean force inside the castle, the Warrior found Zenos awaiting for them in the throne room. This time, the Warrior reigned supreme and defeated Zenos who revealed his trump card: the power of an eikon, Shinryu. Arriving in Royal Menagerie, Zenos used his Resonant ability to fuse with Shinryu and challenged the Warrior of Light to a final showdown above the sky of Gyr Abania.

After a titanic struggle, Shinryu was destroyed and Zenos defeated. Before Lyse could capture him to administer justice, Zenos claimed his own life in satisfaction that he had finally had a fulfilling battle to the death. With Zenos dead, the Scions' stated goal was completed: Ala Mhigo was free and the Ala Mhigan national anthem, "The Measure of His Reach", rung aloud and true in Gyr Abania once again.

Back at Rhalgr's Reach after a winning celebration, Lyse gathered the Scions to let them know she was stepping down to focus on rebuilding her homeland. As the Scions aided Lyse in rebuilding Ala Mhigo and Doma, they would be faced with a resurgence of Ascian activity, namely Elidibus taking possession of Zenos's body to aid Varis in quelling the rise of unrest in the Empire and launching an assault to reconquer Ala Mhigo. During the course of these events, the core members of the Scions were plagued by a "voice" that called their souls away from their bodies, leaving the Warrior of Light to face Elidibus alone during the battle in the Ghimlyt Dark. Though the Warrior initially bested Elidibus, this proved temporary, as the Ascian paragon arose again in Zenos's body, forcing the Warrior to battle again. The voice returned, crippling the Warrior, leaving them at Elidibus's mercy as they fell unconscious. The dragoon Estinien recused the Warrior and brought his friend to Aymeric to be treated. During this time, the Warrior received a messaged from a hooded figure, directing them to find something at the Crystal Tower.

The Warrior of Light awoke and learned from Aymeric that the battle in Ghimlyt Dark had reached a stalemate and rumors had spread of the emperor's heir being possessed by a dark spirit, and that the Scions had encouraged it to be spread to incite dissent within Garlemald, forcing Varis to return home to silence the rumors. Elidibus had likewise been forced to retreat after his failure to kill the Warrior of Light.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

The Warrior of Light followed up on the clue to visit the Crystal Tower where the voice that had been calling to them was heard more clearly. They lost consciousness, and awakened in a mysterious place, bathed in everlasting light. They reached the city of Crystarium, where the mysterious Crystal Exarch welcomed them.

The Exarch explained that the Warrior was on the First—a reflection of their world, the Source—that was being consumed by the Flood of Light, and so he had summoned the Warrior there for help. They were in the only remaining habitable region, the land of Norvrandt. While trying to summon the Warrior, the Exarch had accidentally summoned the other Scions instead, and several years had already passed due to time differences between the parallel worlds. At present, the Exarch suggested the Warrior seek out Alphinaud and Alisaie.

The Warrior met Alphinaud in Kholusia. He sought an entrance to the city of Eulmore where people awaited for the end of days in hedonistic pursuit. After entering Eulmore as a pair of artist and his attendant, Alphinaud witnessed the depths of corruption within, led by the obese Lord Vauthry. Alphinaud swore to change Eulmore, but first returned to the Crystarium.

The Warrior met Alisaie in Amh Araeng, helping a woman named Tesleen to euthanize people corrupted by the Flood before they became the grotesque sin eaters. When the Warrior and Alisaie looked for a missing child, a sin eater attacked Tesleen and she turned into one. In mourning, Alisaie accompanied the Warrior back to the Crystarium.

The Exarch explained that the Flood of Light threatened the Source too: were the First entirely consumed, the Source would be engulfed in the Eighth Umbral Calamity. Hearing news of a massive sin eater attack on Holminster Switch, the Warrior of Light, the twins, and the Exarch, accompanied by Crystarium guard captain Lyna, headed there to help. The party encountered the transformed Tesleen among the invading force and with a heavy heart Alisaie killed her. The Warrior defeated the sin eaters' leader, a Lightwarden named Philia, and the night sky returned to Lakeland. The Exarch christened the Warrior of Light with a new moniker: the Warrior of Darkness.

Eulmore was angry over the Lightwarden's demise, and sent an army to the Crystarium asking for answers, led by the general Ran'jit. After he left, the group wondered why Eulmore had not declared war yet. Lyna suggested it was because they might have captured the Oracle of Light, Minfilia. When the Flood of Light arrived 100 years ago, Minfilia Warde had halted the Flood and her power had reincarnated into girls, titled "Oracles of Light". Eulmore always captured the girls to keep the Lightwarden's rule, but three years ago someone else had kidnapped the current Oracle of Light. Alphinaud suggested they save this Minfilia.

When the group saved Minfilia in the ensuing battle, Ran'jit confronted them. The general proved a formidable foe, but Thancred, donning the Gunbreaker weaponry, helped them. While the Exarch and the Crystarium army held the Eulmorans back, the group escaped into the Fae realm of Il Mheg. Thancred explained their two tasks from the Exarch: meet up with Urianger and defeat the realm's Lightwarden. After getting pranked by the Fae, the party encountered Urianger.

Sending Minfilia away, Urianger explained about the Eighth Umbral Calamity unfolding on the Source: the result of the Garlean use of Black Rose, a biological weapon, which shifted the Source's elemental balance and destroyed all life; the Scions, even the Warrior of Light, had been powerless to stop them. They learned about the Lightwarden of Il Mheg, the former Fae King Titania, who had been corrupted by the Flood. The Warrior of Darkness defeated Titania, and night sky returned to Il Mheg. Feo Ul inherited Titania's throne, becoming the next Fae King.

Back at the Crystarium, the group unexpectedly met the Ascian Emet-Selch in the Occular who claimed he had observed the group's efforts in defeating the Lightwardens, and offered partnership. Seeing the Scions' icy response, he took his leave. The Crystal Exarch tasked the Warrior of Darkness, Thancred, Minfilia, and Urianger to seek Y'shtola in Rak'tika Greatwood and defeat the Lightwarden there.

Arriving in Rak'tika proper, Emet-Selch reappeared and the Warrior relented and accepted his partnership proposal. When journeying to a ruined settlement, a group called Night's Blessed, led by one Master Matoya, ambushed them. As Emet-Selch left in boredom, Master Matoya was revealed to be Y'shtola herself. She had felt a Lightwarden arrive in Rak'tika, but it was actually the Warrior of Darkness whose aether resembled that of a Lightwarden.

Y'shtola led the group to Slitherbough where she asked the Warrior about their exploits so far. After assisting the Night's Blessed in a funeral rite, the Eulmoran forces arrived in Rak'tika, and Y'shtola led the group to the Viis' settlement of Fannow in search of the Lightwarden. The Viis guarded the ruin of ancient Ronkan civilization where the Lightwarden was sealed. After completing an ancient puzzle, the Warrior of Darkness was attacked by Ran'jit again. This time, Y'shtola used Flow to throw Ran'jit into a chasm, seemingly ending him.

Back at Fannow, Emet-Selch retrieved Y'shtola from the Lifestream as proof of his willingness to cooperate. The party entered Qitana Ravel and defeated the Lightwarden Eros, returning the night sky to Rak'tika Greatwoods. Outside the Ravel, the group saw an ancient mural that Emet-Selch explained depicted the true history of his kind—the Ascians. He revealed the truth about Zodiark and Hydaelyn as primals from the world before its sundering.

Back at the Crystarium, a massive horde of sin eaters attacked the Lakeland population. The Scions and Crystarium guards repelled them but suffered heavy losses. Eulmore claimed responsibility and warned the Crystarium from pursuing the remaining Lightwarden. Undeterred, the Scions departed to Amh Araeng.

The party split as the Warrior of Darkness, Thancred, Urianger, and Minfilia headed to the settlement of Twine. After reviving some dormant Talos, Ran'jit ambushed the group. While Thancred forced him into a duel, the Warrior of Darkness and Minfilia arrived in the ruins of Nabaath Areng where the original Minfilia had halted the Flood of Light 100 years ago. Thancred almost died defeating Ran'jit, but Urianger and Y'shtola saved him.

The original Minfilia Warde from the Source granted the full power of the Oracle of Light to her reincarnation, returning the girl's appearance into that of a normal child. Returning to Twine, Thancred renamed the girl Ryne—"blessing" in the Fae language. With her new Oracle power, Ryne pinpointed the Lightwarden's location in Malikah Well, where the group defeated the Lightwarden Storge and returned the night sky to Amh Araeng.

The party returned to the Crystarium to prepare to attack Eulmore and hunt the last Lightwarden. Assaulting Eulmore head-on, the Warrior of Darkness disposed of an injured Ran'jit, but when they confronted Vauthry, Ryne discovered, to her horror, that he was a sin eater himself. Vauthry escaped to Mt. Gulg, and the party received assistance from everyone they had helped in Norvrandt so far to create a giant Talos, reaching the floating mountain. When the party confronted Vauthry, he transformed into the highest-ranking sin eater: the Lightwarden Innocence.

After defeating Innocence, the Warrior of Darkness collapsed due to having accumulated light aether from all of Norvrandt's Lightwardens. The Exarch intervened, revealing his identity as G'raha Tia from the Source. G'raha's plan was to absorb the light aether to bring with him into the dimensional rift where it could be released harmlessly, killing him in the process. Emet-Selch prevented this by kidnapping G'raha. As the Warrior of Darkness was unable to contain the light in their body, everlasting light returned to all of Norvrandt. Fortunately, Ryne managed to prevent the Warrior from becoming a full sin eater but only for the time being.

The Scions received news that Emet-Selch was on the seafloor of Kholusia and asked Bismarck's help, a giant Fae, to create a magical bubble on the seafloor to explore it safely. After visiting the settlement of Ondo Cups, the group continued to the depths of Macarenses Angle, where they to their surprise found the majestic city of Amaurot, a recreation of the Ascians' ancient capital city.

They learned about the Ascians' demise in the Final Days, where they had tried to save the star by summoning the primal Zodiark and an opposing branch of Ascians had summoned Hydaelyn to keep Zodiark's power in check. When Hydaelyn smote Zodiark, the primal, and with it the star and everyone living on it, split into fourteen fractions of the original, the Source and its thirteen reflections. Emet-Selch strove for a Rejoining so people could be whole again, and though Alphinaud claimed their true goals aligned, he challenged the group into a last battle under his true name, Hades.

The Warrior of Darkness was helped by Ardbert rejoining his soul, saving them from being corrupted by the accumulated Light aether. The Warrior and G'raha summoned heroes from beyond the rift and defeated Hades who yet refused to go down. While the Scions bound Hades with white auracites, the Warrior of Darkness defeated him with a Ardbert's axe of light. After welcoming G'raha Tia back, they swam back to the shore of Kholusia, the night sky now back, forever.

Following Emet-Selch's defeat, the Scions and G'raha began to figure out how to return to the Source, as G'raha's death was originally going to be their way back. It still could be, but the Scions disagreed with this. Urianger figured that since white auracite could contain an Ascian's soul, it could work for them as well. The Warrior, who was the only one able to travel between worlds, returned to the Source to inform Tataru and Krile of everything that had transpired in the First, and what was being done to return the Scions' souls.

After the Warrior returned to the First, G'raha suggested they visit the reclusive Nu Mou, Beq Lugg, an expert in soulcrafting. She wanted nothing to do with the outside world, but was convinced after the Scions revealed they had defeated the Lightwardens and restored the night sky. As Beq and G'raha put their heads together, Alisaie returned to the Inn at the Journey's End to see those afflicted with the sin eater curse. Since the Lightwardens' defeat, they were no longer in danger of turning into sin eaters, but their souls were still closed off. Beq figured they could serve as suitable test subjects in creating the necessary vessel for the Scions' souls to return to the Source, and Alisaie created a porxie capable of affecting souls.

Realizing that Norvrandtians had condemned the heroes of their world, the Warriors of Light, for causing the Flood of Light, the Scions intended to reveal the truth about their identities. Just as they were finishing their story, the leader of the First's Warriors of Light, Ardbert, appeared, but the Scions already knew it could not be him. "Ardbert" encouraged the people to become Warriors of Light themselves. The Scions returned to the Crystal Tower, and determined that seeing how the Ascians' Emissary Elidibus had possessed Zenos yae Galvus's body back on the Source, an Ascian could be doing the same for Ardbert. Since "Ardbert" was killing off the remaining sin eaters, the Scions beat him to one in Rak'tika, and the Warrior got confirmation that this "Ardbert" was, in fact, Elidibus. He was civil, yet with ulterior motives, which the Scions worked on ascertaining.

Time would begin to grow short, for the Scions' bodies on the Source grew unstable, as their souls had been separated for too long. They began to have seizures while on the First, with Thancred collapsing and Urianger falling to water while trying to walk on it. They were still determined to uncover what Elidibus was planning and rode Bismarck to the dream Amaurot at the bottom of the sea while Y'shtola remained behind to study. Elidibus had lured the Warrior of Darkness into Amaurot on purpose, and captured Y'shtola after she collapsed. He put the Warrior into a gauntlet of their past battles, culminating in a confrontation between the two. The Warrior triumphed, and Y'shtola arrived, having learned that Elidibus was actually a primal, an Amaurotine who had once transcended his existence to become Zodiark's heart. Elidibus confirmed this but retreated, and the Warrior of Darkness and Y'shtola rendezvoused with the others in Eulmore.

Things turned chaotic when the sky erupted into a starshower, like it did briefly back in the Crystarium. Spectral Warriors of Light from every reflection of the Source appeared, and the Scions took an Eulmoran airship to return to the Crystarium, knowing that Elidibus was after the spell G'raha had used to bring the Scions to the First. Their ship crashed into Amh Araeng, but with the help of all the people of Norvrandt, they fought their way back to the Crystarium.

The other Scions remained behind to allow the Warrior to reach G'raha. They joined forces to stop Elidibus, as the debacle was yet another way for him to try to rejoin the First to the Source. During their ascent, G'raha began to crystallize, revealing he had used his own blood to perfect the soul vessels. He remained behind while the Warrior reached the apex. The Warrior realized that Elidibus could barely remember anything from his past, or that of ancient Amaurot. Still determined to follow through with his mission, Elidibus assumed the form of the first Warrior of Light of the First. With the soul crystal of Azem, the forgotten fourteenth member of the Convocation of Fourteen, alongside the spirit of Emet-Selch, the Warrior of Darkness gained the power to stand against Elidibus, and defeated him. G'raha used the Crystal Tower's power to bind Elidibus, but his overexertion caused him to crystallize completely. With Elidibus's defeat, all the Paragon Ascians—Lahabrea, Emet-Selch, and Elidibus—were gone. Peace returned to the Crystarium, and the Scions were heralded as heroes.

The Scions traveled around Norvrandt to say goodbye to their friends. When they returned to the Crystarium, the citizens asked them to never forget them. The Scions instilled their souls into the vessels, with one of them containing G'raha's. The Warrior took the vessels back to the Source, and in the Rising Stones, the Scions' souls returned to their bodies. With the final vessel in hand, the Warrior ran to the Crystal Tower, intending to release the G'raha of this time from it.

As the Scions adapted to the Source from their time in the First, they went through changes: Thancred took a gunblade as his weapon, Urianger took up astronomy, and Y'shtola gave up on white magick and became a black mage. Having prevented the Flood of Light on the First, the Eighth Umbral Calamity on the Source never came to pass and Gaius and Estinien had destroyed the Empire's stock of Black Rose. The Warrior returned with G'raha, carrying his memories from the First, and the others offered him to join the Scions. He accepted.

Lyse was glad they were back when she visited them, and met G'raha for the first time. She informed them of how things were growing chaotic within Garlemald. Thancred took it upon himself to infiltrate the Empire with Urianger, while Alisaie intended to find a cure for the primals' tempering, inspired by how those inflicted by the sin eater curse had been cured. Alisaie, the Warrior of Light, and G'raha managed to cure the tempered Kobold, Ga Bu. With the knowledge that curing tempering was possible, Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn intended to make peace with the Kobolds. Confronting them in the Navel, the Scions and Merlwyb cured the Kobold high priest from tempering, and thanks to Ga Bu, he was willing to consider peace. Just as they returned from this victory, news came in of mysterious towers cropping up all over the world, and the Scions and Merlwyb witnessed one with their own eyes.

The Scions moved ahead with curing the tempering from all peoples. They turned to Master Matoya for help in creating the necessary porxies, who suggested they create a large mother porxie to give birth to more. After succeeding in this, the Scions received a word from Ala Mhigo of how a scouting party assigned to one of the towers had returned, only for them to attack Lyse and mutter about Garlemald. The Scions traveled to Ala Mhigo, and as they discussed with the Alliance, they witnessed Bahamut land to the Royal Menagerie where they met the rogue Ascian Fandaniel. Unlike his Paragon masters, Fandaniel had no interest in seeing the world restored to how it was. He gloated about bringing the Final Days to the Source, his sole goal destroying the world and dying alongside it. He called the Bahamut he had with him "Lunar Bahamut". It damaged the menagerie, but left.

With this new threat, Krile headed to Sharlayan to enlist their help despite Sharlayan's notorious policy of non-interference. The Scions headed to Ala Mhigo, where the Alliance leaders gathered with the leaders of Eorzea's beast-tribes. The meeting ended with the formation of Grand Company of Eorzea, fulfilling Alphinaud's dream that he had once hoped to achieve with the Crystal Braves. Alphinaud suggested that since they were dealing with a dragon, they should enlist Estinien's help. Alphinaud, Alisaie, the Warrior of Light, and G'raha traveled to Ishgard and found Estinien on his way to Azys Lla to speak with Bahamut's brood sister, Tiamat, to learn if she had summoned Bahamut again.

In Azys Lla, Tiamat assured she had not summoned Bahamut this time, knowing all too well what happened last time she did that, having been tricked by the Ascians then. She was certain the dragons of Meracydia were responsible. Willing to emancipate Tiamat's children, the Scions cured her minor tempering and freed her from her prison. Tiamat and Estinien took to the air and headed to Pagl'than, where the Alliance engaged the Telophoroi, the cult of the now-splintered Garlean Empire headed by the crown prince Zenos, who had reclaimed his body thank to his Resonant powers, and the rogue Ascian Fandaniel who was puppeteering Asahi sas Brutus's corpse. The battle ended with Lunar Bahamut's defeat, and the scouting party of Arenvald and Fordola learning the towers were being used to imprison beast-tribesmen to force them to summon lunar primals.

The Alliance received word that Fourchenault Leveilleur, Alphinaud and Alisaie's father and a member of the Sharlayan Forum, was arriving to Gridania to deliver Sharlayan's official response to Krile's request. He revealed that Sharlayan would not work with Eorzea against this threat, claiming that the Final Days were a hoax. When his children argued against him, Fourchenault denied them the use of Leveilleur name. Krile had received the same answer from the Forum, surprised the governing body had even bothered to deliver an answer directly to the Alliance. From this, G'raha and Krile determined that Sharlayan knew more about the Final Days than they were letting on.

A word came of multiple lunar primals being witnessed at the Carteneau Flats, Fandaniel attempting to use the site for his plans. The Scions rallied the Alliance forces there and destroyed the primals, knowing this was only the beginning. In the Rising Stones, they talked with Krile and decided to travel to Sharlayan to uncover the truth of the Final Days. Krile asked Estinien to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and he accepted. As the Scions studied aetherial concentrations near the towers, they determined they were draining aether from the surrounding lands.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

In Rising Stones, the Scions received news from Krile that their entry to Sharlayan had been accepted. As they arrived, they used Baldesion's Annex as their base and began to dig up for answers. They learned that the Forum had been moving knowledge and supplies into Labyrinthos, and G'raha learned from the library that the Forum had become aware about the Final Days over 200 years ago, when Hydaelyn herself had told them about the phenomenon. The Scions were eventually caught and brought in front of the Forum to be tried. They averted deportation but were told to stop snooping around.

Learning that alchemists in Thavnair had been conducting research on a talisman that could shield people from the towers' tempering, the Warrior, Thancred, Urianger, and Estinien traveled there to help. The talisman was being created with dragon scales. After assisting the alchemists in finishing the talisman, the satrap of Radz-at-Han granted an audience for the Scions. Estinien, due to his connection to Nidhogg, sensed that the satrap was really one of first brood, Vrtra. Vrtra dropped the act and revealed himself and that it was due to his scales that the talisman could be completed. The wyrm begged the Scions' help in destroying the tower, promising to deliver talismans to Grand Company of Eorzea as thanks. They destroyed the tower in Thavnair together, not before learning that the tower drew aether and transferred it in another location for an unknown purpose.

With Thancred and Urianger's intelligence, the Scions led the Ilsabard Contingent in an invasion of Garlemald to stop the problem at its source, having to deal with legions of tempered Garleans along the way. Their efforts failed as Fandaniel released all the energy transported here from other towers across the realm. Fandaniel and Zenos released Zodiark from his prison on the Moon, forcing the Warrior of Light to kill both the rogue Ascian and the God of Darkness himself. The Warrior of Light, Urianger, Y'shtola, and Thancred discovered the Loporrits on the Moon and Hydaelyn's secret plan to flee the planet, learning that, since Zodiark forestalled the Final Days back in ancient times, his demise would mark a second coming of the ancient cataclysm. The Scions, bar Urianger (who stayed on the Moon to act as an emissary to the Loporrits), returned to Sharlayan and heard the alarming news: the skies of Thavnair burned and monsters ran amok.

The group found Thavnair a splitting image of the Final Days of the Ancients. The beasts of the Final Days used to be Thavnair's people, transformed via excessive negative emotions. As the Scions fought them off, they realized the transformed could not be saved. More chaos erupted in Radz-At-Han, causing more people to transform. The Scions killed the first beast in Vanaspati and thus quelled the chaos for the time being. Without any clues of how this catastrophe might be reverted, Fourchenault Leveilleur and a Sharlayan delegation arrived to discuss the evacuation of the planet. The Scions gathered at a local tavern to figure out a solution to the impending apocalypse, and G'raha Tia recalled that Elidibus's essence had not faded completely and he could be awakened in the First.

The Warrior of Light traveled to the First to learn more of the Final Days. Using his remaining essence, the Ascian Paragon used the Crystal Tower's time travel mechanism to transport the Warrior back to the past to the Unsundered World. They met Hythlodaeus, Emet-Selch, and Venat, as well as Hermes, who would later take the seat of Fandaniel. As the chief overseer of Elpis, the testing ground for animal concepts, Hermes knew about phenomenon known as dynamis, energy driven by emotion and thinner then aether, which was impossible for the people of Etheirys to manipulate. Hermes's dream was to reach distant stars and created Meteion and her sisters who can manipulate dynamis to travel to other worlds and find the answer for Hermes's question about the meaning of life. They learned about myriad worlds' people who did not want to live because of their acknowledgement that every life will eventually end. Meteion, who remained on Etheirys, had received this message, and together with her sisters began to sing the song of oblivion, powered by the sorrow of these dead and dying worlds, causing the Final Days. The Warrior of Light told Hythlodaeus, Emet-Selch, and Venat about the future and tried to prevent this, but failed. Hermes activated Kairos and all of them, bar Venat and the Warrior, forgot what happened. The Warrior of Light returned to the present, ready to deliver answers to the Scions.

The remaining Scions returned to Ilsabard to aid the evacuation and transport of refugees to Sharlayan, having to fend off a great number of beasts, the monsters that people transformed into. With Urianger and the Warrior returned, the Scions headed to Sharlayan to discuss the Warrior's findings in Elpis. They learned that stopping the Final Days was possible. Alphinaud improvised a plan and bargained with the Sharlayan Forum: in return for helping the Forum complete its starship, the Forum must let the Scions speak with Hydaelyn and vote on letting the Scions use the ship for their own ends at the cost of abandoning the evacuation plan. The Scions held their end of the deal, and were granted access to The Aitiascope. Meeting up with Hydaelyn, they were gifted the Mothercrystal and more knowledge on her plans, though Hydaelyn perished after her trial for the Scions to prove their worth.

With all preparations complete, the Scions departed for Ultima Thule, where the Meteia resided, the origin of the Final Days. The journey proved more difficult than expected. The Scions were forced to sacrifice themselves one by one until only the Warrior of Light was left. The Warrior returned their friends using Venat's magick, and the Scions pressed on to the Meteia's lair, where the Meteia merged into the Endsinger and overpowered the Scions. The Warrior of Light was forced to send their friends back to the starship Ragnarok for their safety. The Warrior of Light received the surprising aid from Zenos, who had retaken the form of Shinryu, to aid them in exchange to having his desired rematch. Both battled with the Endsinger, with the Scions supporting the Warrior by offering prayer and hope to protect them from the Meteia's despair. After an arduous battle, the Warrior defeated the Endsinger, halting the Final Days once and for all. The Warrior faced Zenos once last time, forcing them both to fight to their limits, but the Warrior bested the former Garlean prince, killing him as the Warrior was teleported by the Ragnarok.

Returning to the Rising Stones to celebrate their victory, the Scions decided the rest of the world needed to learn to resolve problems themselves. With no more world-ending threats to Eorzea, the Scions publicly disbanded and went their separate ways but vowed that should the world be threatened, they would reunite to combat the threat. Each Scion had a personal goal to pursue: G'raha and Krile planned to continue the restoration of the Students of Baldesion; Y'shtola wanted to write a book of their adventures and research ways to travel to other shards; Estinien found employment in Thavnair; Alphinaud and Alisaie would travel to Ilsabard and help the Garlean survivors rebuild their homeland; and Thancred and Urianger would travel the land as mercenaries and keep an eye on world events. Tataru would remain at Rising Stones and convert it into her headquarters for her new business, while the Warrior of Light planned for more adventures.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail[]

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn are invited to aid competitors in a contest to decide the new ruler of Tuliyollal in Tural, the western continent. The Warrior of Light, Krile, Alphinaud, and Alisaie are hired by Wuk Lamat, while Thancred and Urianger are hired by Koana. Estinien travels to Tural on his own without being part of the contest, and Y'shtola and G'raha arrive after the contest has been resolved to help when Tuliyollal is invaded by Alexandria.


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"Scion" is an uncommon English word that means "descendant or heir to a family" and "guardian". The "Seventh Dawn" refers to the end of the Seventh Umbral Era.


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