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Zalera being summoned in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, one of the many Scions.

Scions are a recurring name for summons in Ivalice.


Final Fantasy XII[]

There are twenty-four known Scions, eleven of Light, eleven of Darkness and two, Ultima and Zodiark, that are not specifically categorized as either. Only thirteen of these Scions can be used by the player. The Light Scions are alluded to, but never actually appear. The word "Scion" is used interchangeably with "Esper", though the latter is used far more often.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Scions refer to the powerful Espers. They are summoned into battle using certain rare accessories, but the character's Smash Gauge must be filled by one-third before they can be summoned. The Smash Gauge can be found at the right side of the character's stats during battle. Every Action that is successfully completed by a unit raises that unit's Smash Gauge by one-ninth its full value.

Concerning Scions[]

The following text is given to Luso by Lezaford:

There are worlds within our world of Ivalice that we cannot touch or know as we know our own bed, home, or town.

The Netherworld, the Empyreal Plain, the World of Illusion... these are together known as otherworlds, unseen by eye; untouched by hand.

The order of creatures known as scions hails from these otherworlds. They are found in many places, in many lands, and they count among their number emissaries of the gods, protector spirits, and even greater doers of evil.

Though the otherworlds are not normally accessible from Ivalice, if certain requirements are met, it is possible to give otherworldly power a physical manifestation in our world. This is most commonly seen in the pact made by the summoners who calls down an Esper to fight for them.

From the legend of a great mage in the far eastern realms who sundered a magickal seal, thus receiving a scion as a servant, it would seem that they, too, operate by these same principles.

In Jylland, it has been discovered that that summoning of scions is possible with the use of a particular magickal device. However, it is certain that the power manifested through this means is only an echo of the scion's true power. To evoke the true power of a scion, it would be necessary to harmonize oneself to the scion's being, fusing not only one's purpose with the scion, but one's own body and mind.

List of Scions[]

Scion Accessory Scion's Wrath Description Mission Obtained From
Belias Gigas Pendant Hellfire Deals Fire damage to all foes. Camoa Cup1
Mateus Corsage of Corruption Frostwave Deals Ice damage to all foes. Graszton Cup1
Adrammelech Raging Brooch Judgement Bolt Deals Lightning damage to all foes. Moorabella Cup1
Hashmal Pin of Order/Bringer's Pin4 Gaia's Wrath Deals Earth damage to all foes. Fluorgis Cup1
Famfrit Ewer of Darkness Tsunami Deals Water damage to all foes. Goug Cup1
Chaos Ring of the Wheel Tornado Deals Wind damage to all foes. Loar Cup1
Cúchulainn Tainted Cufflink Blight Damages and poisons all foes Ordalia Cup1
Zalera Earrings of the Dead/Reaper's Rings4 Condemnation Deals Dark damage to all foes, inflicting Sleep and Doom. The Last Step
Ultima High Seraph's Plume Ultima Restores HP to all allies and deals Holy damage to all foes. Hunted
Exodus Gift of the Judge-Sal Meteor Deals 999 damage to one foe. Jylland Cup1
Zeromus Condemner's Choker Big Bang Deal damage to one foe equal to the caster's lost HP. The Five Kings3
Zodiark Ring of Precepts Final Eclipse 48-51% chance to hit all combatants for 999 damage. A Lasting Peace3
Shemhazai Armlet of Whispers Soul Purge Deals damage based on amount of damage user has dealt. Of a Feather2
  • 1 The months for the cups are as follows:
Silversun (Camoa), Ashleaf (Graszton), Mistleaf (Moorabella), Emberleaf (Fluorgis), Plumfrost (Goug), Skyfrost (Loar), Bloodfire (Ordalia) and Coppersun (Jylland)
Cups must be completed in order and started in the same location as the tournament (with the exception of the Loar, Ordalia, and Jylland cups which can be obtained anywhere in their stated regions). If any of the cups is completed through dispatch, the accessory given for that cup will not be rewarded to the player. Scion accessories earned through cups can only be obtained once a file.
  • 2 This mission is a random encounter located in Goug that only appears after the final boss is defeated. The Scion accessory will only be rewarded if this mission is completed when the red chocobo in the enemy party is a level 99 red chocobo named Redhawk.
  • 3 These missions can only be done after the final boss is defeated.
  • 4 The way Montblanc mentions them in Wanted: Friends, Kupo!

Characters with a Scion accessory[]

Some of the characters have an accessory, but only according to the artwork. Their accessories aren't visible in their portrait sprites (Montblanc is an exception, as he is seen wearing the Gigas Pendant in his artwork and his portrait sprite).

Some characters from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance appear with a Scion accessory, though the term "Scion" wasn't mentioned at that time. The Scion accessories pictured with these characters are the same three that are required to unlock Montblanc as a playable character in Tactics A2.



"Scion" is an uncommon English word that means "descendant or heir to a family" and "guardian".