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Schema (スタイル, Sutairu?, lit. Style) (plural: schemata) is a term in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII related to the game's new approach to the Command Synergy and Active Time battle systems. By assigning different schemata to Lightning to use in battle, the player can use different sets of skills, garbs, accessories and weapons.



Note: The following information comes from the E3 2013 demo.

Move Lightning with left analog stick, and attack using the abilities assigned to the four buttons.

Press the button of the ability you wish to unleash. Each ability will consume a set amount of ATB.

Press Circle/B to attack until you are out of ATB.

Lightning has three schemata that can be used in battle.

Press L1/Left bumper or R1/Right bumper to toggle between them.

Schema is used to describe an equipment set.

Each schema has its own ATB gauge, which is replenished over time.

Keep your eye on the ATB gauges and enemies' health, and switch between schemata as required.


Lightning being customized at "Japan Expo 2013" event.

Named after the assigned garb, each individual schema is composed of a garb, weapon, shield, two accessories, one adornment which can be shared among schemata, and up to four abilities with minimum one which is exclusive to the garb, although some garbs come with four empty ability slots; it is up to the player to adjust schema to suit their needs, similar to the job system used in other Final Fantasy games. Schema's name defaults to the garb assigned to it, but player can rename it. When the player starts the new game, the default schema is called "The Savior" rather than "Equilibrium". Customizing a schema for the first time earns the Novice Stylist trophy.

Each schema may have different statistics and special abilities, varying by the assigned equipment pieces and abilities. There are more than eighty different types of outfit and the player can change her look. Players can customize each different part on her outfit, and change colors. If the player has save data available from Final Fantasy XIII and/or Final Fantasy XIII-2 players can obtain Lightning's outfits from those games. Additionally, playing the demo and posting the Battle Score against Zaltys to the Outerworld Services rewarded the player with the Siegfried garb. North American players who own the PlayStation 3 demo get the Utsusemi garb.


Players can assign three schemata at one time to be use in battle. They can be changed mid-battle via L1/Left bumper and R1/Right bumper, similarly to how the paradigm system works in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Shifting through different schemata is important, as it allows the player to maximize Lightning's performance. Each schema has a certain amount of points to its ATB gauge that decrease as Lightning executes abilities, and they slowly refill. Some garbs have their ATB charge boosted if they are not the active one in the battle.



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