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Scenario Selection is a temporary location in Final Fantasy VI. The player is placed in darkness and asked by a narrator to choose from one of the three available scenarios. The selection is done by guiding Mog to the scenario's character.

Once the scenario has been completed, the player is returned to the scenario selection screen with the completed scenario's characters removed and asked to choose another one. When all three scenarios have been completed, the gameplay no longer returns here.

Story Edit

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After fighting Ultros while traversing the Lethe River, the gameplay splits into three scenarios the player must complete. The goal is to reach Narshe. Once the scenarios have been completed, the gameplay continues with the Battle for the Frozen Esper.

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Scenarios Edit

The following quests are available:

Locke Edit

Locke has worked hard to stymie the efforts of the Imperial troops in South Figaro. But now he desperately needs to escape...


Terra, Banon and Edgar Edit

Fleeing the Empire's troops, Banon, Edgar, and Terra ride the rapids toward Narshe. But the going won't be easy...


Sabin Edit

What dire fate has befallen Sabin, who leapt from the raft after the fight with Ultros...?


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Trivia Edit

  • Mog has some unique stats in this location. He has no battle commands and is unequipped, and the player cannot re-equip him.
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