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This article is about the Final Fantasy X-2 ability. For the Limit Break sub-skill used by Irvine Kinneas, see Shot (Final Fantasy VIII). For other uses, see Barrage.

Scattershot in Final Fantasy X-2.

Damage all enemies

Scattershot (マルチショット, Maruchi Shotto?, lit. Multi Shot) is a recurring ability originally from Final Fantasy X-2. It is a physical attack that damages all enemies, and is generally used by Yuna's Final Fantasy X-2 counterpart.


Final Fantasy X-2[]

Scattershot is a Gunplay ability, which costs 8 MP to use and damages all enemies. It requires 80 AP and the Burst Shot ability to unlock it. Once unlocked, the Scatterburst ability can be unlocked.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Scattershot is an ability for Yuna. It appears as to ability cards usable by her, one of SSR rarity, and one of SSR+ rarity.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

NameBurst ModeReplacementTraits
(Multi Shot)
FFRK Scattershot Icon.png
Yuna: Trigger HappyAttackSchool: Special
Charge Time: 1.65s
Target: All enemies
Auto-Target: All enemies
Damage formula: Magic
Type: NAT
Hits: 2
Potency: 400% (Total: 800%)
Elements: Non-elemental
Healing potency: 0
Soul Gauge charge rate: 50
Deal two non-elemental magic attacks to all targets.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Scattershot is a special active ability that deals physical damage (1.1x) to all enemies. It is learned by Maxell (2★, level 17), Cupid Luna (3★, level 12), Amelia (4★, level 3), Artemios (4★, level 56), Mustadio (4★, level 42), Sazh (4★, level 34), and Medius (5★, level 37).