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Scarmiglione is a boss in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is fought twice in the Subterrane of the True Moon, in his two forms.

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First Battle Edit

Scarmiglione opens the fight by summoning six Revenants to battle. They have very low HP and are easily slain by a high-level group-cast spell. Scarmiglione counters damage of any sort with Thundaga on a random party member, doing heavy damage. He has no elemental weaknesses or resistances so the player can use whatever attacks they like to defeat him. If the party has several White Magic users, they can speed up the process by casting Reflect or using Light Curtains on everyone, reflecting Scarmiglione's Thundaga counters to damage him further.

If the player has Golbez in the party, his Taunt is effective for drawing Scarmiglione's counter-attacks. Casting Reflect on Golbez in turn will always reflect Scarmiglione's magic back at him, saving a lot of MP healing and protecting the party. In lieu of Reflect, Shell should be cast o reduce the damage that Golbez takes.

Second Battle Edit

The second fight begins immediately and is a back attack, so the player should swap rows first thing. Scarmiglione relies on devastating physical blows that do several thousand damage, so several casts of Protect are useful. He is now weak to Fire and Holy, so Firaga and Holy should be the main offensive of the mages while the physical attackers use any fire or holy-elemental weapons. The player is advised to fight during the Full Moon, as this will power up their Black Magic while weakening Scarmiglione's attacks. He does not have that much more HP than his first form, and if the player casts Slow he will have much less offense as he no longer counters attacks, so the fight is not much more difficult.

If Golbez is in the party, he and Scarmiglione will briefly speak to each other before he dies.

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Etymology Edit

Scarmiglione is a demon in the Inferno of Dante's Divine Comedy. He is one of the 13 Malebranche ("Evil Claws") who guard Bolgia Five of the eighth circle of Hell, Malebolge. Vulgar and quarrelsome, their duty is to force the corrupt politicians to stay under the surface of a boiling lake of pitch.

His name means "Trouble Maker."

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