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"Scarlet's Theme" (スカーレットのテーマ, Sukāretto no Tēma?) is a sultry jazz song in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It was composed by Tsuyoshi Sekito, Mitsuto Suzuki, and Nozomi Toki and arranged by Sekito, Suzuki, and Ayumu Murai. The lyrics were written by Motomu Toriyama and translated into English by Ben Sabin and John Crow. The vocals were provided by Al Copeland.[1] Ayumu Murai also played the piano.[2]

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

FFVIIR Scarlet Materia processing.png

"Scarlet's Theme" plays during the cutscene with Scarlet at B13 - Materia Research Facility in the Shinra Building in the quest Reach for the Skyview Hall during Chapter 16, The Belly of the Beast. It also plays as the field theme at 59F - Skyview Hall.

"Scarlet's Theme" is the 15th track of disc 6 on Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack.

The music disc containing "Scarlet's Theme" can be obtained in a jukebox at 63F Upper Level - Recreational Facility.


The official lyrics were released on Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack.

Fireworks to light up your night sky
In a flash, life and love can go awry
Let me take you higher,
Fulfill your desires
Stilettos and lingerie both
Complement, supplement
In my grandeur, I'm all natural
Beneath this crimson dress
In my splendor, I'm all natural
Beneath jewels and finesse
And elegance
What you see is what you get
Only passion, no regrets
Only triumph
I've got nothing to hide
So sit back and enjoy the ride