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Scare in Final Fantasy III (NES).

Scare (おどかす, Odokasu?) is a recurring ability in the series, which focuses on attempting to make the enemy flee the battle.


Final Fantasy III[]

Scare is the ability of the Bard in the NES version. Each use the Scare command reduces all enemies' levels, according to the following formula:

Enemy level = Enemy level - 3

Multiple uses of Scare can eventually lead to enemies running away instead of attacking in battle. An enemy will only run away if:

(Lowest character level) - (Enemy level) > 15

If the above condition is met, then the chance that a monster will choose to Run will be:

%Chance to Run = 100 - Monster Hit%

Also note that as an enemy level is decreased, there is also the potential of reducing its Magic Attack Multiplier. Bosses are immune to Scare and will also never attempt to Run.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Scare is a reactive ability that costs 6 CP to equip. It is activated after second enemy appears in Battle Music Sequences (BMS). It causes that enemy to flee and makes the next enemy appear. It is learned by Locke (level 10), Seifer (level 25), Auron (level 30 Auron #2 (level 20), Prishe (level 15), Snow (level 20), and Chaos (level 45). It can be taught to any character by using the Scare Scroll.