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FF4PSP Ability Analyze

Analyze in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

View info on one enemy.

Scan (みやぶる, Miyaburu?), also known as Sense, Sensor, Gauge, Piercing Sight, Observe, Peep, Analyze (しらべる, Shiraberu?), Study or Sense Weakness, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is a command ability that exposes the stats of enemies, such as HP, MP, and elemental affinities. It is sometimes associated with the Scholar and Blue Mage jobs.

Scan should not be confused with Libra, which has been translated as Scan in early games. The key difference is that Libra is usually a spell while Scan is a command ability, and Scan occasionally has a more potent effect, such as working on all enemies at once or removing an enemy's status buffs similar to Dispel.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy III Edit

The Scholar class can use Study that reveals the enemy's stats and Dispels the enemy's positive statuses. The enemies Xande's Clone and Xande can use the spell against the party.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

FF4 GBA Cid Analyze

Cid's ability is Analyze (Peep on the SNES and Study in Anthologies) and it a Charge Time of 0. In all but the 3D releases, it functions the same as Libra, revealing enemy stats and weaknesses. In the mentioned releases, Analyze affects all enemies at once instead of just one, and continues to display their stats for the duration of the battle.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

Analyze is Cid's ability, functioning the same way as it did in the previous game.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

TAY PSP Luca Analyze

Cid and Luca have Analyze, which functions in the same manner as Libra, revealing a single enemy's stats. Analyze has a Charge Time of 0.

Harley is able to use Piercing Sight as a command ability, and it too has a Charge Time of 0. It gives an enemy a random elemental weakness and removes all status enhancements from them.

Final Fantasy V Edit

FFV Scan Icon iOS
FFV Check Icon iOS
Check an enemy's HP.

Blue Mages have Check/Observe as their level 1 job ability, which reveals an enemy's HP. Their level 4 ability is Scan/Analyze, which functions identically to Libra.

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Sense displays an enemy's current and max HP and MP, which remain in the information window for the rest of the battle. It also shows the enemy's level and weaknesses, but these do not show up after the initial use. Enemies that have 30,000 or over max HP cannot be sensed.

The Sense ability is the first and only ability of the Sense Materia. Red XIII has Sense equipped when he joins, and one can also be found on Sector 6 park in the Midgar Slums after Sector 7's destruction. Sense Materia can also be bought at Junon before the party acquires the Highwind.

The Master Command Materia also includes the Sense ability.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

For Dagger's Scan ability see here.
See the enemy's items.

Detect is a Skill learned by Zidane from the Mage Masher or Orichalcon for 40 AP. Detect reveals what items the enemy has to Steal.

Final Fantasy X Edit

Sensor is an auto-ability that allows the player to view an opponent's current HP, maximum HP, and elemental resistances whenever targeting an enemy. As long as a character with the auto-ability customized is present in the active party, any character can view the information when using single-target attacks. Sensor can be customized onto a weapon by using two Ability Spheres.

Aeons, Dark Aeons, Special Monsters in the Monster Arena, and multiple enemies located in the Omega Ruins are immune to Sensor.

The Scan ability found in Kimahri's section of the Sphere Grid is more akin to the Libra ability of other games.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

View detailed information about one enemy.
—"Help" description

Scan shows the details of an enemy. It can be used by the Gun Mage dressphere and Rikku's Machina Maw. Additionally, Scan on the Gun Mage can be upgraded, though it serves merely cosmetic effects; Lv. 2 Scan allows the player to manipulate the target's model, and Lv. 3 Scan allows Scan to target allied units.

Paine's Full Throttle can use Ma'at's Feather (看破!, Kanpo!?), which has the same effects as Scan. The ability's Japanese name serves as a pun, as it has the same meaning as Scan's Japanese name Miyaberu.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

Gauge is usable by the Beastmaster, starting at level 10. The ability has a short recast timer, only 30 seconds, and it allows a player to see if they would be able to Charm a particular creature. and tells them how likely Charm is to be effective.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

Chain Strategem is a level 66 ability for Scholars. It increases the chance of the target taking critical hits by 15% for 15 seconds.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

Detects hidden equipment held by enemy.

Sensor is an A-Ability for human Soldiers. It is learned from the Burglar Sword for 300 AP. When used, it shows concealed equipment, but only to enemy units that have "Item" as a secondary A-Ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

Soldiers have Gauge, which allows the user to detect level 1 treasure/Loot on an enemy, learned from the Burglar Sword for 150 AP and having a range of 4.

The Scholar's Study, learned for 150 AP from the Battle Folio and having a range of 4, shows a target's treasures, items, and gil.

Vagrant Story Edit

Analyze is a Sorcerer spell learned from the Grimoire Analyze, dropped by Dragon at the Sanctum's Cleansing Chantry. Analyze reveals the parameters and stats of the target, which can be viewed from the Status menu, and scrolling between the enemies with the L1 and R1 buttons.

The spell costs 5 MP, however, casting it does not mean the spell would be 100% successful; the hit rate percentage depends on the value of Ashley's Risk, and is calculated below:

$ \text{Hit Rate}=(\text{Risk} + 150) * \frac{100}{256} $

Bravely Default Edit

Examine is a Miscellany ability learned by Freelancers at job level 1. It displays enemy information, including HP, elemental weakness and family. After have examining a certain enemy, the information can be reviewed by moving the Circle Pad left at any time.

Bravely Second: End Layer Edit

Examine is the job level 1 command ability for the Freelancer. It allows the user to display the enemy's information, including HP, elemental weakness and family. After examining a certain enemy, the player can move the Circle Pad left at any time to view the information again.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

Sense Weakness is Matoya's ability found under her Third Eye skillset.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Edit

Scan is a Story Mode skill. When used on a locked area, it identifies what Battle Piece(s) need to be defeated to unlock that area.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Artniks Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit

FFBE White Magic Icon 1

Analyze costs 1 MP and allows the player to see an enemy's level, their amount of HP left as well as elemental and status resistances. By casting it on an enemy and subsequently defeating it, that monster's description will appear as complete on the Bestiary.

The following units learn Scan: Bartz (level 1; 3★), Lid/Black Cat Lid (level 6; 3★), Eldin (level 1; 1★), Gimlee (level 2; 1★), Montana (level 8; 2★), and Zidane (level 9; 3★). Any other unit can access this skill by equipping the esper Siren (1★), if she has learned the skill by spending 10 SP.

Mobius Final Fantasy Edit

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit

Kingdom Hearts series Edit

Scan is a recurring passive ability that has little to no AP cost to equip. When the character is near or locked-on to an enemy, their HP bar appears in the corner. This can be useful for preparing for damage thresholds, knowing when one enters a new phase of battle, and seeing when the battle's about to end. However, since many enemies give audio cues its use is minimal.

Gallery Edit

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Etymology Edit

Miyaberu means to see through and expose something. Shiruberu bears a meaning closer to studying and examining something.

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