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Sazh arrives at Serendipity in the intro of the episode.

Sazh's Story: Heads or Tails? is a downloadable extra scenario for Final Fantasy XIII-2. It follows Sazh Katzroy as he is led to the casino Serendipity while trying to find his son, Dajh.

It was released in the United States and Japan on February 28th 2012, and a day later in the United Kingdom and Europe, for both the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace. It also is included in the Japanese re-release version of the game, Final Fantasy XIII-2: Digital Contents Selection and the Microsoft Windows port.



The gameplay does not feature combat and focuses on casino games in Serendipity. Players must win Fortune Medals from the games and can receive bonus medals by performing winning streaks. Two card games are available: Poker, specifically Texas Hold 'Em, and Chronobind, an original game. Slot machines are also available, but Fortune Medals cannot be earned using them. The episode's story concludes once 30 Fortune Medals are given to the casino's owner.

There is also a sidequest wherein Sazh can encounter Chocolina who promises to reveal her identity if he can find all the lost chocobo chicks scattered around Serendipity.

Upon completing the episode, a monster crystal containing Sazh is received and he can be used as a Paradigm Pack ally in the main game.

Completing the episode removes 30 Fortune Medals from the inventory. Locking the Serendipity -??? AF- gate in the Historia Crux will reset "Heads or Tails;" this allows the player to obtain Sazh's monster crystal again if he has been infused into another monster.


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Sazh and the owner of Serendipity's casino.

While making a routine flight in their airship, Sazh and Dajh were sucked into a vortex caused by a paradox and the two were separated while floating through the Historia Crux. Sazh searches for Dajh and finds himself in Serendipity whose owner explains that Sazh and his son are between life and death. He compares the situation to the middle of a coin flip, where the coin has landed on neither heads or tails. The owner reveals that Sazh must gamble and win the future he wishes to see, one where he will be reunited with Dajh.

Sazh is reunited with his son.

The owner eventually tells Sazh that he has collected enough Fortune Medals to change the rules of spacetime and have the world conform to his desires. Sazh is reunited with his son. The owner explains the universe's timeline is being distorted and the future has been determined and the possibility of change has disappeared. He demonstrates this by dropping many coins onto a casino table, all of which land on tails. Sazh demands the owner send him somewhere he can make a difference to protect the future for his son. The owner opens a gate to Academia 500 AF where Sazh and Dajh assist Serah and Noel in pursuing Caius Ballad and help Hope Estheim and the Academy salvage Fang and Vanille's crystal before the crystal pillar collapses.

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