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Saxham Outpost is an abandoned village in Final Fantasy XV whose story can be pieced together from the datalog, bestiary and Oric's Culinary Chronicles. The player can visit the site to find the datalog entry and the abandoned buildings. The area is still used for farming as the player can buy Saxham Rice from Lestallum, and its fishing hole, Saxham Reservoir, is notorious for how hard it is to catch fish there, as they only ever bite for specific lures.


By the farm, next to a shack on a barrel.

Small hamlet founded founded by settlers from Lestallum hoping to develop new plots of land for farming. While the name chosen by the pioneers remains, the people are long gone: at present, the outpost is a ghost town.
At the time of its establishment, Saxham was a prosperous plot of land with nary a problem in sight. The soil was fertile, the climate was favorable, and common pests were nowhere to be found. The relative lack of sunlight, however, would ultimately prove the outpost's undoing.
After a pack of daemons assaulted the camp, it became clear to the residents that little could be done to defend their home, and many left at once. To this day, hunters often reflect on the now-infamous "Saxham incident" as a failure they should strive to never let happen again. Recent reports claiming one of the surviving children was kidnapped by daemons, however, suggest the tragedy of the outpost continues.


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Saxham was established by settlers from Lestallum as a farming community. Seventeen years ago a dozen bussemand stormed the outpost killing countless adults and kidnapping their children. Many parents went off in search of the lost boys and girls, leaving a ghost town in their wake. Hunters would try to safeguard the town, and a hunter called Oric was stationed there a while, but wrote in his memoirs that people were abandoning it. Headquarters told Oric he can also abandon the town, but he decided to stay and make it his home. He had a family, and in his final entry planned to take them to Leide, but still had "few bussemands to bust up before dawn."

The "Saxham incident" is one of two known cases of daemons kidnapping children, the other being the serpent that resides in the Fociaugh Hollow. The serpent is implied to be a daemonified woman who was looking for her child when she turned. Thus, the daemons who haunt Saxham may also be daemonified former residents. Whether the children were truly kidnapped, or turned into daemons and were believed to have been kidnapped, is unknown; daemons are not witnessed taking captors, but rumors of them having taken children away persist.

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Mythril Ingot location.

  • Eos Green Peas (field)
  • Chobham Armor (rain cover; jump onto the roof with a chocobo or stand under the treasure by climbing onto the boxes)

There are stone arches nearby that have items on top of them: Mythril Ingot.


Oric's Culinary Chronicles[]


The first entry of Oric's journal is found at the farm at Saxham Outpost, on a picnic table outside a house near the silo. It teaches Ignis the recipe Croaker in Brown Sauce.

On the Hunt for a Harvest[]

On the Hunt for a HarvestSaxham OutpostComplete "A Stroll for Two" main quest in Lestallum2,000 EXP, discount applied to all articles sold by Furloch

After Iris shows Noctis around Lestallum in Chapter 3, Furloch, the proprietor of the Furloch Farms, has a quest. He needs help with his harvest at Saxham. The player must head over to the farm and ask for their instructions, then slay the voretooths and harvest the Eos Green Peas. Talking to the farmer and delivering the vegetables to the shop in Lestallum finishes the quest.

New to the Road[]

New to the RoadDuscaeReach Chapter 03500 EXP, 1,500 Gil

The player can come across a broken down white car by the large silo near the road. Giving the driver a Repair Kit (can be bought from the Regalia if the player has none) completes the quest.

Baby Snatchers[]

Baby Snatchers is a hunt the player can accept from Cauthess Rest Area. It leads the player to fighting bussemands and hobgoblins at Saxham Outpost.

Baby SnatchersCauthess Rest Area5
Red Hunt Icon.png
Bussemand x3, Hobgoblin x5Saxham Outpost (Nighttime)448,890 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★

Saxham Reservoir[]

Saxham Reservoir is a fishing spot west from the outpost populated by rare carp that are tricky to catch as they only accept specific lures.

The Frogs of Legend[]

There is a rainbow frog along the eastern shore of the reservoir by Saxham Outpost as part of Sania Yeagre's final sidequest.