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The save point glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII. It allows the player to save in places that the game does not normally allow the player to save at.


Final Fantasy VI[]


Tent Glitch

The save point glitch can only be used in dungeons where the player commands multiple parties; namely, the Phoenix Cave, Kefka's Tower, and Dragons' Den.

To activate the glitch, the player simply needs to move one party onto a save point, then switch to another party. The second party, as long as they do not move, will be treated as if they were also on a save point, and can use Tents and Sleeping Bags and save. These effects end as soon as the party moves.

This glitch can be exploited easily by having a single party stay on a save point while another party explores—because the glitch only activates when switching between parties, the second party effectively becomes able to use a Tent anywhere in the dungeon as long as the first party stays on the save point.

Final Fantasy VII[]


FF7 - Tricks with Save Point

The save point glitch allows the player to save their game almost anywhere on the field. If the player loads a game from a save point, and moves away from the save point before the character appears on the screen (while the screen is still black), the player retains the ability to use the PHS and the save functions, even if they are not touching a save point. If the player then saves their game somewhere on the field, the game will load at the place they saved, not at the save point.

If the player touches any save point after performing the above trick, the normal save point sound effect will play but the normal save point window is not displayed.

The trick can be used on the Gold Saucer's save point, where it costs 5 GP to save. If the player performs the save trick when they approach the save point, they can save without paying.

The trick only works on an actual save point, so not by saving in the Highwind or Temple of the Ancients, and it does not work with the Save Crystal, and possibly does not even work with every normal save point in the game, although it appears to work with most of them.