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Save Crystal in Nine Wood Hills.

Save Crystals are save points in World of Final Fantasy. In addition to allowing the player to save their game, touching it fully restores the HP and AP of the player's active characters. Save Crystals also provide the player the option to manage their prismariums in the Prism Case without using a Seraphone.

As of Version 1.03 of World of Final Fantasy, regular Gates in Grymoire share the same features as Save Crystals.

List of Save Crystals[]

Location Area
Nine Wood Hills Sylver Park
Girl's Tearoom
The Coliseum Administration Desk
The Nether Nebula Cavern 4
The Watchplains Backroad 3
Pyreglow Forest Branch 4
Icicle Ridge Slip 4
Slip ? ? ?
Saronia Docks Station 3
The Dragon Scars Scar 4
Valley Seven Cauldron 4
The Windswept Mire Fen 2
The Phantom Sands Toil 5
Underground Prison Ophion 1
Ophion 4
Mako Reactor 0 Sector 4
Sector 3
Big Bridge Segment 1
Segment 4
Tometown of the Ancients Library of the Ancients
The Train Graveyard Necropolis 5
The Sunken Temple Quacheon 3
Quacheon 6
The Crystal Tower Third Floor
Seventh Floor
Chamber of Wind and Earth
Chamber of Fire and Water
Castle Exnine Ordeal 1
Ordeal 4
Ordeal 7
Ordeal 10
EX Dungeon A Area 4
EX Dungeon B Area 4
EX Dungeon C Area 4
EX Dungeon Z Area 6
Hidden Dungeon Final route - boss room