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These ferocious attacks of the BERSERKER defy the conventions of battle and belief.


Savagery is a skillset used by Berserkers in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP
Scream Poison Knuckles All sides 300
Let out a blood curdling scream that removes buffs from surrounding units.
Hone Senses Survivor Self 200
Sharpen the user's senses, raising CRITICAL HIT rate.
Furore Kaiser Knuckles All sides 200
A violent attack that damages and knocks back surrounding units.
Ground Shaker Death Claws 4-sq. line in front of user 350
Smash the ground, sending a shock wave radiating from the unit. Deal earth damage.
Smite of Rage Cat Claws Weapon range 350
Focus the user's rage into a devastating attack. Deals damage and inflicts various debuff.
Inner Calm Metal Knuckles Self 250
Center the user's thoughts, raising EVASION.
Helm Smash Godhand 1 400
A fierce attack aimed at the target's head. Deals damage and may destroy the target's helm.
Smash Tiger Fangs 1 400
Launch a focused strike at the target. Deals damage and may destroy the target's accessory.