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Sastasha (Hard) is a high level Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. Sharing the location with the easier Sastasha, Sastasha (Hard) was released in Patch 2.4 along with Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) and Snowcloak. The pirates fought by the party in the original Sastasha have been resurrected as grotesque sea monsters whose only purpose is to defend the Seagrot.


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Sastasha Hard in the opening cutscene.

Tucked deep inside the dank caverns of the Sastasha Seagrot, there is a secret port said to have been built by the pirate Mistbeard. In the years following the Calamity, the notorious Serpent Reavers claimed it as their lair, until the cutthroats were vanquished by a band of dauntless adventurers. The place subsequently came under the control of Lominsan authorities, who maintained a security presence within.

Alas, that control did not last, for an unknown faction has arisen—seemingly from the briny depths—and overwhelmed the occupying Yellowjackets. Opinion is divided over the identity of these foes. Some say that they are pirates, while others swear that they are fiends. Yet it does not take a scholar to see that these two things need not be mutually exclusive.

Duty description

The abominations within the Seagrot.

During the course of their adventures, the Warrior of Light chances upon a man at the Seventh Heaven who directs them to Commander Reyner once more. Reyner informs them that someone—or something—has taken up residence in the seagrot once more, and that the group of adventurers he sent after them came scurrying out the hole but a few minutes after entering. Entrusting his faith to the Warrior, he bids they explore Sastasha again and slay whatever lies within.

Captain Madison releases the kraken.

Exploring the depths, they dispatch increasingly aggressive wildlife to chance upon grotesque monstrosities—pirates with the heads of jellyfish attacking them. After further exploration, they encounter none other than the grotesque abomination that is Captain Madison, resurrected by his Sahagin overlords in his new form to protect the grotto once more. After a long, grueling fight, Madison retreats yet again, leaving the adventurers to pursue him. After they catch up, Madison releases his pet Kraken upon them, though it promptly sends Madison and his colibri hurtling away before turning on the adventurers.

After defeating the creature, the party meets with Reyner at Aleport to deliver the truth of the encounter they bore witness to. To help verify the claims, Yellowjackets appear bearing Madison's corpse, which is promptly examined by one of Lamberteint's assistants, Ceana. She postulates that if the corruption of a man's mind through tempering can occur with the use of a little of a Primal's aether, then the corruption of his body might occur with a greater application.

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  1. Defeat Karlabos: 0/1
  2. Clear the Pull: 0/1
  3. Defeat Captain Madison: 0/1
  4. Defeat First Mate Haerstymm: 0/1
  5. Defeat the Kraken: 0/1


Throughout the dungeon, there are four treasure coffers located at (12, 9), (12, 9), (9, 12), (7, 16). These can drop an X-Potion, X-Ether, or Hi-Elixir.

Wauling Pond[]

The Wauling Pond in Sastasha normal.

This area serves as the entrance to the Sastasha Seagrot. Similar to normal Sastasha, it is a linear path that curves above the waters below, leading to the Sastasha Seagrot proper. It lacks the branch in the path that leading to the Empty Room in normal Sastasha.

Initially, two Dripping Sallets and one Spelaean Slug will be fought. The next group encountered consists of a Drowned Deckhand, a Drowned Steersman and a Drowned Powder Monkey. Once defeated, the group progresses into the next area.

Sastasha Seagrot[]

This large, open area is filled with water, which must often be crossed to reach one's destination. In Sastasha Hard, access to the rest of the seagrot is prevented by high water, and a drainage lever must be pulled before the party may venture further into the area. This leads to the Greeting Pond.

Upon arrival, a Drowned Lodesman and a Drowned Boatswain will be fought. The mob encountered after this consists of two Spelaean Sluga and a Sastasha Pugil. Once the lever is lowered, the Greeting Pond is accessed.

Greeting Pond[]

Sastasha Seagrot[]

This section of Sastasha Hard may only be accessed after the water level is brought down, and is a small circular area containing the dungeon's first boss, Karlabos. Once he is defeated, the way forward to The Pull is unsealed.

Karlabos will drop Aqua Balls on players which deal damage over time, which should be cured immediately and will be the healer's highest priority. Players should avoid standing close to each other in order to avoid applying Slime to multiple targets. His Tail Screw attack can cause the affected target's HP to drop to a single percentage, which will not kill them unless the damage over time is still applied. Karlabos also targets the party's highest enmity player - which should be the tank - with Prey, which will stun them after a few seconds.

The chest will then drop two items, a piece of gear and a crafting item. Of the pieces of gear, the following are possible drops: Hero's Ring of Fending, Hero's Ring of Slaying, Hero's Ring of Aiming, Hero's Ring of Casting, Hero's Ring of Healing, Antique Sollerets, or Antique Tassets (12.5%). Of crafting item drops, the possibilities are: Canard Breast, Dalamud Popoto, Royal Kukuru Bean, Star Anise, Scheelite, Emery, Petrified Log, Cashmere Fleece, Saurian Skin, Raziqsand, or Tawny Latex.

The Pull[]

This watery area separates the Sastasha Seagrot and the Rowers' Quarters It is a straightforward, linear passage marked by a number of circular rooms containing enemies.

The first enemy encountered will be a Grotto Piranu, followed by two more. Encountered immediately after, once the sea level reveals a new passage, are two Beryl Crabs and a Cave Crab. The final enemies are this area are a Drowned Wench, two Drowned Courtesans and several Brines. The Brines will spear to heal the Drowned Wench, meaning they should be killed first. An identical group of enemies will appear before Rowers' Quarters.

Rowers' Quarters[]

The Rowers' Quarters is a small room containing a few of the Serpent Reavers. The area has been remodeled from the easy mode dungeon, and one must pass through the Rowers' Quarters in order to reach Dead Man's Drink proper.

Dead Man's Drink[]

This large, wood-covered area contains the living quarters of the Serpent Reavers. In Hard, this area has been downsized, and only contains the Rowers' Quarters, the Waverider Gate, and the second Rambade. It is also the name of the small, rectangular area in which the party faces off against the second boss, Captain Madison. This small area leads to the Waverider Gate.

Captain Madison is accompanied by Captain's Boy, Captain's Leech, Captain's Guard and Captain's Slave. These enemies should be dealt with before Madison is fought. His main attacks are to mark a player at random, and fire several shots at them; he will end this attack if enough damage is dealt to him. Madison will continue to summon enemies which should be dealt with. Eventually, Madison, much like in easier Sastasha, will run out of the dungeon once his HP reaches a critical point; the enemies left behind must be killed for the party to progress.

Two treasures are dropped after this, both containing two items: a gear piece and a crafting piece. The crafting pieces for the first chest are Canard Breast, Dalamud Popoto, Royal Kukuru Bean, Star Anise, Scheelite, Emery, Petrified Log, Cashmere Fleece, Saurian Skin, Raziqsand, or Tawny Latex. The possible gear pieces are Hero's Bracelet of Fending, Hero's Bracelet of Slaying, Hero's Bracelet of Aiming, Hero's Bracelet of Casting, Hero's Bracelet of Healing, or Antique Gauntlets. The second chest has identical possible crafting gear dropped, while its gear drops may be a Hero's Earrings of Fending, Hero's Earrings of Slaying, Hero's Earrings of Aiming, Hero's Earrings of Casting, Hero's Earrings of Healing or Antique Helm (36.4%)

Waverider Gate[]

This gate leads from the Dead Man's Drink out to the second Rambade. There are no enemies present.

The Rambade[]

This room leads forward into Mistbeard Cove, lacking the dogs and captain found in normal. The only enemies fought here are a Drowned Deckhand and a Drowned Topman.

Mistbeard Cove[]

This secret cove appears at the end, and leads directly to the Sultana's Lap, the chamber with the last boss of the area. This area contains nothing of note and unlike the original dungeon is very brief.

The Sultana's Lap[]

The Sultana's Lap refers to both the area where the final boss is fought and the area leading up to that point. The area prior to the sealed point with the final boss contains boxes and other goods, and several pirates. Once they are defeated, the player can proceed to fight the final boss where the dungeon ends.

The enemies appearing are Drowned Lodesman, Drowned Boastwain, Drowned Topman, Drowned Steersman, Drowned Powder Monkey and First Mate Haerstymm. At first, one Drowned Loadsman, one Drowned Boatswain and one Drowned Topman will greet the party, although this is followed by several enemies. Once First Mate Haerstymm arrives, the party will be attacked by countless enemies which will spawn. Area-of-effect attacks are essential in bringing this group down, as it otherwise risks overwhelming the party in numbers.

The final boss is the Kraken. This boss is straightforward; it will reveal the Kraken Arms and Tentacles. Tentacles must be ignored and avoided as much as possible, as they will stun party members for a period. Kraken Arms should be killed. Aside from this, the Kraken should simply be brought down with damage.

The final boss has a single treasure chest with crafting items and a gear piece. Of non-gear items, the possibilities are: Canard Breast, Dalamud Popoto, Royal Kukuru Bean, Star Anise, Scheelite, Emery, Petrified Log, Cashmere Fleece, Saurian Skin, Raziqsand, Tawny Latex, or a Tight-beaked Parrot. Of gear, the possible items are Hero's Necklace of Fending, Hero's Necklace of Slaying, Hero's Necklace of Aiming, Hero's Necklace of Casting, Hero's Necklace of Healing, Antique Mail or Antique Breeches.

Musical themes[]

"Riptide" plays at all times except during boss battles. "From Fear to Fortitude" plays while fighting Karlabos and Captain Madison, while "Beneath Bloodied Banners" plays during the battle with the Kraken.



  • The corrupted pirates in Sastasha (Hard) seem to be a homage to Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, with Captain Madison in particular resembling the character Davy Jones.
  • The Kraken is the first recurring end-boss in Final Fantasy XIV dungeons, having previously been fought in Hullbreaker Isle.