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Sastasha is the first Dungeon Dungeon that players will encounter in Final Fantasy XIV. This grotto hides a den for the Serpent Reavers, pirates aligned with the sahagin and led by Captain Madison, from which they launch their raids into Lominsan settlements. Being the first dungeon, it is not particularly difficult, serving as a tutorial of sorts for new players.

A hard mode of Sastasha was released in patch 2.4, Dreams of Ice.


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Sastasha in the opening cutscene.

After a period of relative silence following the Calamity, the Serpent Reavers have once again taken to terrorizing the inland hamlets of La Noscea─killing the men, kidnapping the women and children, plundering the storehouses, and burning what little they leave behind. For years, it was not known how the pirates were able to raid areas so far from the coast, until a local shepherd sighted a band of painted ruffians entering the Sastasha Seagrot, carrying large quantities of sacks and crates. Could it be that there is more to this cave than meets the eye?

Duty description

Tasked by Commodore Reyner of Limsa Lominsa to investigate Sastasha and see if the claims of pirates have any merit, the Adventurer gathers stalwart companions and enters the dungeon. Inside, the group initially finds only wildlife—however, after opening a secret passageway, the adventurers stumble upon the den of a group of Serpent Reavers.

Denn finishes off the unsuspecting Captain Madison.

Not long after doing so, they encounter the Captain, Madison, and send him fleeing past his crew's main quarters. Upon finding the man and beating him again, he once more flees, this time to the spawning grounds of his Sahagin masters. Their leader, Denn the Orcatoothed, is displeased with this, and executes the captain for his troubles, then turning his blade on the adventurers. After defeating him, the party returns to the surface and reports to a grateful Reyner that the caverns are once more cleared.

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Sastasha Seagrot[]

Sastasha Seagrot.

Wauling Pond[]

The Wauling Pond

This area serves as the entrance to the Sastasha Seagrot. It is a linear path that curves above the waters below, leading to the Seagrot proper. There is a branch in the path that leads to the Empty Room.

Empty Room[]

The Empty Room

This small room contains a bloody memo that should be examined by a member of the adventuring party before proceeding. This note contains a piece of information regarding the coral formations found in The Cattery, informing the party of which they should touch so as to avoid triggering the trap. The note will state that "The Capten lykes" an object and its color, indicating the correct color coral formation to pick. The options are "his sees Bloo," "his wyne Redd", and "his kebbage Greene".

The Cattery[]

The Cattery.

This large, open area is filled with water, which must often be crossed to reach one's destination. A number of Giant Clams are found interspersed through the area accompanied by Shade Seekers. The Giant Clams must be destroyed quickly as they will spawn up to 2 Shade Seekers every time they open if less than 4 Shade Seekers are alive.

The ending open room serves as the first boss chamber for Sastasha. In order to find the boss, the party must first select the correct coral formation as indicated in the earlier memo. Selecting the wrong formation inflicts poison on the person interacting with it, and spawns a Cave Aurelia. Upon picking the correct formation, a suspicious switch appears on the far side of the Cattery; touching this switch will summon the first boss, Chopper. Once Chopper has been defeated, the party can activate the switch and continue into Dead Man's Drink.

Dead Man's Drink[]

The Rambade[]

This small room contains the second boss, Captain Madison, as well as his two pirate cohorts. Before properly defeating him, Captain Madison will run away, unsealing passage beyond the Rambade and into Dead Man's Drink in the process.

Dead Man's Drink[]

Dead Man's Drink.

This large, wood-covered area contains the living quarters of the Serpent Reavers, and shoots off into a number of side passages. Only Captain's Quarters is necessary to progress through the dungeon, though the other side rooms do contain treasure and additional experience. To access the Captain's Quarters, the party must pick up the key dropped by a Shallowscale Reaver in this area. The Waverider Gate provides access to the rest of the dungeon, but must be unlocked.

Rowers' Quarters[]

The Rowers' Quarters

The Rowers' Quarters is a small room containing a few of the Serpent Reavers. This is the only side room to not contain any treasure.

Navigator's Quarters[]

The Navigator's Quarters

This area is a small room off to the side of Dead Man's Drink, containing only a couple of Serpent Reavers and a treasure coffer.

The Hole[]

The Hole is the area in which the Serpent Reavers keep their captives before giving them to their Sahagin masters. The area is sealed off from the rest via a gate, with a key found next to the door by a few Reaver guards. Inside of The Hole are several captives and a treasure coffer.

Deckhands' Quarters[]

The Deckhands' Quarters

The Deckhands' Quarters is a side passage in Dead Man's Drink containing an alarmingly high quantity of Serpent Reavers. Luckily, when the party enters the room, the group begins fighting among themselves, allowing the adventurers to loot the coffer in the area without drawing attention.

Captain's Quarters[]

The Captain's Quarters

The Captain's Quarters are unlocked by a key dropped by a Reaver in Dead Man's Drink. They do not, as one might expect, contain the Captain, but instead a stronger than usual Shallowtail Reaver, who upon death drops the key to the Waverider Gate.

Waverider Gate[]

This gate is guarded by two Reavers and leads from the Dead Man's Drink out to the second Rambade. It must be unlocked by a key found in the Captain's Quarters.

The Rambade[]

The second Rambade is also where the party encounters Captain Madison for the second time. In this fight, Madison will halfway through signal for the release of the Scurvy Dogs, previously gated to the side of the room. Upon his defeat, Captain Madison again runs away, unlocking the path to Mistbeard Cove in the process.

Mistbeard Cove[]

Mistbeared Cove.

The Sultana's Lap.

The Sultana's Lap[]

The Sultana's Lap is the final of the dungeon. Before getting to the last boss, there are several groups of Reavers to deal with, some of which wander in wide paths that can lead to some dangerous pulls. On the right side of the room is a wooden pavilion with two packs of Reavers—if the player hugs the left side, these enemies can be skipped entirely and proceed to the final boss, Denn the Orcatoothed.


Throughout the dungeon, the player may encounter the following optional chests:


Wauling Pond
  • (17, 6) Black Bat x2
  • (17, 7) Black Bat x2
  • (16, 7) Black Bat x2, Cave Aurelia
Sastasha Seagrot
  • (15, 7) Cave Aurelia x2
The Cattery
  • (15, 8) Giant Clam, Shade Seeker x4+*(Giant Clams will summon up to 2 Shade Seekers when they open if less than 4 are alive)
  • (15, 9) Cave Aurelia, Fossilshell
  • (14, 8) Giant Clam, Shade Seeker x4+*(Giant Clams will summon up to 2 Shade Seekers when they open if less than 4 are alive)
  • (14, 9) Fossilshell x2
  • (14, 9) Giant Clam, Shade Seeker x5+*(Giant Clams will summon up to 2 Shade Seekers when they open if less than 4 are alive)
  • (14, 9) Cave Aurelia, Fossilshell, Sastasha Orobon
  • (13, 9) Giant Clam, Shade Seeker x4+*(Giant Clams will summon up to 2 Shade Seekers when they open if less than 4 are alive)
  • (13, 10) Giant Clam, Shade Seeker x6+*(Giant Clams will summon up to 2 Shade Seekers when they open if less than 4 are alive)
  • (13, 9) Giant Clam, Shade Seeker x8+*(Giant Clams will summon up to 2 Shade Seekers when they open if less than 4 are alive)
  • (12, 10) Cave Aurelia*(if wrong switch is pushed)
  • (12, 10) Cave Aurelia*(if wrong switch is pushed)
  • (12, 10) Chopper (boss)
Dead Man's Drink
  • (11, 11) Scurvy Dog x2, Shallowclaw Reaver
The Rambade
Dead Man's Drink
  • (9, 13) Scurvy Dog, Shalloweye Reaver
  • (8, 13) Shallowclaw Reaver, Shalloweye Reaver
  • (9, 13) Shalloweye Reaver, Shallowscale Reaver, Shallowtail Reaver
  • (9, 14) Scurvy Dog, Shallowscale Reaver (drops Captain's Quarters Key)
  • (9, 14) Shallowtail Reaver x2
Rowers' Quarters
  • (9, 12) Shallowclaw Reaver, Shalloweye Reaver
Navigator's Quarters
  • (8, 13) Shalloweye Reaver, Shallowtail Reaver
Deckhands' Quarters
  • (11, 13) Shallowclaw Reaver x4, Shallowscale Reaver x2 (fighting among themselves, can be ignored)
The Hole
  • (10, 14) Shalloweye Reaver, Shallowscale Reaver
Captain's Quarters
  • (9, 15) Shallowtail Reaver (drops Waverider Gate Key)
Waverider Gate
  • (8, 14) Shallowtail Reaver x2
The Rambade
Mistbeard Cove - The Sultana's Lap
  • (6, 16) Scurvy Dog, Shalloweye Reaver, Shallowtail Reaver
  • (6, 16) Shallowclaw Reaver, Shalloweye Reaver, Shallowscale Reaver
  • (5, 16) Scurvy Dog, Shallowtail Reaver x2
  • (5, 16) Shallowclaw Reaver, Shallowscale Reaver x2
  • (5, 16) Shallowscale Reaver x3
  • (4, 17) Denn the Orcatoothed, Baleen Guard x0-9 (boss)

Musical themes[]

"From the Depths"

"From the Depths" is the theme that plays in the background of Sastasha. Like many low-level dungeons, the theme that plays when fighting regular battles in Sastasha is "The Promise of Plunder", the theme for boss battles is "A Fine Death", and the final boss's battle theme is "Nemesis".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Sastasha was initially the setting for the Easy and Normal tiers of the Flames of Vengeance Challenge Event, whereupon both Y'shtola and Thancred could be recruited into the player's army. No story background was given during the event, which ran globally between September 18 and October 1, 2015. Its Record is now open to all players after completing the game's initial Records up to Mako Reactor No. 5 Classic (VII).

Sastasha Seagrot[]

FFRK Sastasha Seagrot FFXIV.png

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Behind the scenes[]

Sastasha is a homage to the Pirates' Hideout in Final Fantasy V, both being seemingly unassuming caves before being revealed as pirate hideouts, as well as both being the first dungeons of their respective games.