The Sasquatch is an enemy from Final Fantasy II. Despite its muscular appearance, it is quite weak and possesses very little HP. It is known as Big Foot in Dark Shadow over Palakia, while Bigfoot appears as a separate monster in Dawn of Souls.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

PFF Sasquatch FFII.png
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

FFRK Sasquatch FFII.png

Sasquatch from Final Fantasy II appears as an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the name given to a cryptid ape- or hominid-like creature said to inhabit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. It is described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. The term sasquatch is an anglicized derivative of the Halkomelem word sásq'ets.

Related enemies[edit | edit source]

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