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The Sarutabaruta Front is a theater of the Crystal War in Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. It encompasses the southern half of Mindartia, where the Federation of Windurst and the Yagudo Theomilitary struggle for dominance.

In addition to containing the city of Windurst itself, the front also includes portions of modern-day Sarutabaruta and Kolshushu.


Windurst Waters[]


Windurst Waters is the only district of the city that remains operational following the Yagudo's successful raid in the opening moments of the war. The Optistery, the nation's library, stands between Odin's Gate to the north and Huntsman's Court to the south. This is the Federation's last line of defense.

West Sarutabaruta[]

West Sarutabaruta is the bitterly contested grassland outside Windurst Waters. With a Yagudo settlement on its westernmost border, tension between the Federation and Theomilitary persists even in the absence of troop movements. Though the Horutoto Ruins and East Sarutabaruta are not accessible, a Cavernous Maw links this place to itself twenty years in the future.

Zonpa-Zippa, minister of the Manustery and inventor of the Cardians, leads the Capricornian Casters in defense of West Sarutabaruta. His strongest automatons, the Ace Cardians, accompany him on the battlefield. In turn, the Yagudo Theomilitary assigned Vuu Puqu the Beguiler and the Divine Inspirers to seize control of this area, using the power of songs to bolster their combat effectiveness.

Fort Karugo-Narugo[]


Fort Karugo-Narugo is the key to Windurst's magical defenses. Its five towers generate a barrier that inhibits Yagudo forces attempting to march south into Sarutabaruta. Its own maze of trenches and bunkers make it difficult for a conventional army to overcome. The fortress lies to the west of Tahrongi Canyon, which is inaccessible during the war. The Meriphataud Mountains, on the other hand, have multiple connections to Karugo-Narugo.

A Tarutaru beastmaster named Nyumomo is responsible for the defense of this area. Normally a Patriarch Protector assigned to Heaven's Tower, she takes to the front lines with a horde of pet worms. In turn, the Yagudo Theomilitary assigned Yuu Mjuu the Awakened and the Divine Sentinels to seize control of this area, using holy magic to aid in their battles.

After the war Fort Karugo-Narugo falls into disrepair and is no longer visited by Federation forces. This becomes a source of frustration for some of Windurst's veterans.

Ghoyu's Reverie[]


Ghoyu's Reverie is a network of tunnels connecting Sarutabaruta to the Sauromugue Champaign. During the war it is the channel for many subtle military operations. The tunnels themselves boast a remarkable variety of plant-life.