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If you are so eager to feel the flames of war, I shall be happy to oblige!

Sartauvoir entering the battlefield

Sartauvoir quo Soranus also known as Sartauvoir the Inferno is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, he is a member of the IVth Imperial Legion as a powerful pyromancer who fights the Bozjan Resistance on the southern front.


Field Record portrait.

An influential centurion of the IVth Imperial Legion, Sartauvoir quo Soranus does not originally hail from the Empire. After the successful invasion of Bozja, the IVth was ordered by Emperor Solus zos Galvus to proceed to their next target, the Kingdom of Dalmasca. Legatus Basch van Gabranth secretly feared Dalmasca's war mages and─seeking to fight fire with fire, as it were─hatched a plan to form his own contingent of powerful sorcerers. To accomplish this, he set his eyes on the subjugated former Republic of Landis─in particular, Mannatheihwo, the only city in the republic to boast its own company of mage-knights. Though it was common practice for the Garleans to disband the knight companies of the nations it conquered and absorb them into the imperial army, their hatred of all things magical compelled them to quash the mage-knights of Mannatheihwo entirely. Fearing for their lives, these sorcerers had fled their homes and scattered across once-proud Landis. Knowing this, Legatus Gabranth set out in search of them.

One such mage was Sartauvoir, who had taken up residence in a small farming hamlet a stone's throw from the city where he concealed his identity, posing as a local tutor and academic. Discovered and approached by the IVth, the proud mage initially rebuffed their advances, but began to take an interest in their offer upon hearing of Legatus Gabranth's vision, similar and yet fundamentally different from that of the Empire he so despised. Realizing what Sartauvoir could offer them, the IVth─patiently, yet persistently─reached out to him on multiple occasions, trusting the mage would have a change of heart. One day, Sartauvoir was greeted at his place of learning by a soldier unfamiliar to him. Though the soldier stood alone, was advanced in years, and carried not even a dagger in his hand, Sartauvoir knew in an instant that even his most potent incantations would be no match for this man. So it was that he exchanged words face-to-face for the first time with Basch van Gabranth, and so it was that the mage─struck to his very core by the legatus's words─did swear to him his undying loyalty.

In the nigh thirty years since, Sartauvoir has served the IVth well and true. Though he has honed his already-potent skills to greater heights of power under the tutelage of Sadr rem Albeleo, his pride as a mage-knight of Mannatheihwo still burns within him as fierce as the blazing infernos he wreaks upon his foes. And yet he wields his magicks not in the name of wanton destruction, but rather in the hope of realizing the long-held dream of Noah van Gabranth─the same dream once held by his father.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Sartauvoir appears on the battlefield when his troops are attempting to rest but are besieged by Bozjan soldiers. He teleports into the battlefield with a giant fireball and assists his troops by casting spells around the area to potentially harm his enemies. His soldiers are defeated and he teleports away, stating that his troops served their purpose in distracting them. Another skirmish on the front breaks out where his soldiers overwhelm a resistance unit. The Warrior of Light and other members defeat and push the soldiers back. Sartauvoir is disappointed with his men, but notices the Warrior of Light with the enemy and promises to reduce them to ash. Sartauvoir is thrilled to do battle once more and ends the fight with a fire tornado outside his chosen target. He leaves on order of Albeleo and states that they will meet again.

Near the Castrum, Sicinius has the magitek colossus Cacus bar the way from the resistance and Sartauvoir aids it. The magitek is put down and Sartauvoir laughs before Sicinius tells him to proceed to the next phase of Albeleo's plan, then promptly teleports away. Following Sicinius's destroyed Dainslef, Sartauvoir duels the Warrior of Light but loses and retreats to recover.

Sartauvoir retreats with the IVth legion to the northeast region of Zadnor. During the resistance's raid on the Dalriada, he is one of the first lines of defense to prevent the resistance from infiltrating the airship. He appears in the loading dock and fights eight resistance forces on his own. Unable to defeat his enemies, Sartauvoir offers his body to the flames and transforms his into a powerful humanoid flame elemental. Though Sartauvoir uses his most powerful pyromancy skills, he is killed, and the resistance moves on to lower the lift for their comrades.



Sartauvoir is a tall Elezen pyromancer who wears the IVth Legion's Diamond Coat of Aiming and a Diamond Hat of Casting. In place of the Legion's usual Diamond Gloves of Healing and Diamond Boots of Casting, he wears True Linen Gloves of Casting and Eikon Leather Boots of Casting. In battle a radiant red aura surrounds him. During his duel in the southern front he transforms into a humanoid living flame. In his final standoff on the Dalriada, he transforms into a more powerful living flame and wields a flaming sword.


Sartauvoir holds a high standard for his troops, as seen when Sartauvoir admonishes that his troops are the pride of the Empire, yet still struggle against resistance rabble. He sees his former legatus, Basch, in high regard as he convinced him to join the legion and gave his undying loyalty to him. Even in his final battle against the resistance he prays that Basch is watching over him and uses what he taught him in battle. Sartauvoir is one of the most sadistic in the IVth Imperial Legion and his favorite pastime is burning people alive.[2] As he excels in using fire magic he references the flame frequently.


Sartauvoir the Inferno in battle.

In The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front, Sartauvoir the Inferno is fought in the Skirmishes Pyromancer Supreme Pyromancer Supreme and Of Steel and Flame Of Steel and Flame. He also appears in the skirmish Unrest for the Wicked Unrest for the Wicked as an untargetable enemy that casts AoE's on the field. Depending on the player's performance during Metal Fox Chaos Metal Fox Chaos Critcal Engagement, the player can fight Sartauvoir the Inferno in a duel in And the Flames Went Higher And the Flames Went Higher Solo Engagement.

Sartauvoir the Inferno is a boss in The Dalriada The Dalriada. Sartauvoir is faced by a maximum of 8 players who pilot the vehicles in the starting area. He fights with some of his usual spells from his duels and skirmish engagements but once his hp reaches 50% he transforms into a humanoid living flame with a sword, gaining new spells and attacks.