Saronia Docks is a dungeon located in Saronia Harbor in Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Maps[edit | edit source]

WoFF Saronia Docks Map.png

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Name Location Image
Water Seed Station 1
Strength+ Seed Station 2
Swirlshell Station 2
Phoenix Down x2 Station 2
Fish Scale x5 Station 2
Potion x3 Station 3
Swirlshell Station 3
Haste Stone x2 Ghost Ship
Ether x3 Ghost Ship
Phoenix Down x5 Ghost Ship
Water Spellstone x5 Ghost Ship
Holy Torch x2 Ghost Ship
Elixir Ghost Ship
Turbo Ether Ghost Ship
Remedy x2 Ghost Ship
Star Curtain x5 Ghost Ship
Phoenix Pinion Ghost Ship
Treasure Trove

In Station 2, the Treasure Trove can be found in the wooden boat containing two baskets of seashells.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Station 1
Station 2
  • Sharqual x4
  • Mini Flan x4
  • Sharqual, Sharqual Stack (Mini Flan, Sharqual)
  • Ahriman Stack (Mini Flan, Floating Eye, Ahriman)
  • Mega Sharqual (level 25/73 (Nightmare difficulty) Murkrift)
Station 3
  • Dualizard Stack (Mini Flan, Dualizard) x2
  • Sharqual x2, Dualizard x2
  • Dualizard x4
  • Floating Eye, Ahriman Stack (Mini Flan, Floating Eye, Ahriman)
  • Mimic (Monster-in-a-box)
Pirate Ship - Deck
Ghost Ship

To gain access to the Ghost Ship, the player will need to complete the Bell puzzle. The bells are found on Station 2 and are marked by different signs. Ring in the following order: Seaweed, Clam, Fish.
NB!: The murkrift will need to be completed before reaching the ship as it is blocking the way.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Prismelody: Pirates Ahoy" is the background theme that plays in the Saronia Docks and Faris's pirate ship. It is an arrangement of the song of the same name from Final Fantasy V.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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  • Saronia Docks serves as the setting for the Intervention Quest Underdog Day.
  • Areas of this dungeon are used in bonus dungeons: Station 1 appears as the third area in EX Dungeon A, while Station 2 is used as the second floor of the "Water route" in the Maxima version exclusive Hidden Dungeon.
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Etymology[edit | edit source]

There is a Saronic Gulf, part of the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Greece. The area around the gulf is sometimes referred to as Saronia, as in the historical novel Saronia: A Romance of Ancient Ephesus by Richard Short. There was a festival of Artemis Saronia to celebrate Artemis in Trozeinos, a town in Argolis. A king named Saron built a sanctuary for the goddess after she saved his life when he went hunting and was swept away by a wave.

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