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This wind... It carries the sound and scent of war... Best be on our guards.

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The Saronia Civil War was a war fought by the armies of Saronia. In the castle's front yard, they divided into two groups and were told to fight by the current King of Saronia, King Gorn, who was being controlled by the demon Garuda, disguised as the advisor Gigametz. The reason for this war was unknown, possibly to weaken Saronia's military so Garuda could take over.

When the Warriors of Light fly on top of castle, the Enterprise is shot down by one of the soldiers who thought it was an enemy airship, forcing the party to land on Saronia. Prince Alus was against this war being fought, but was exiled not long after expressing his distaste by his father.

The Warriors of Light, together with Prince Alus, confront King Gorn. However, Garuda orders him to kill his own son, but in the end, King Gorn breaks the spell by stabbing himself, not being capable of murdering his only son. With this, the Warriors of Light defeat Garuda. In the aftermath, Prince Alus succeeds his father to the throne and ends the war.


With the war over, all previously warring Saronian soldiers return to their normal duties and all quarantined areas of the city become open once more. In gratitude for helping stop the conflict, the castle's scholars build the Warriors of Light a new airship, the Nautilus.

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