Sarah is a character from the Terra Battle series who appears as a guest party member in a Final Fantasy XV-Terra Wars collaboration added in patch 1.26. The player can gain her weapon by doing her quest. The quest "Close Encounter of the Terra Kind" is available from chapter 5 onwards, and the player can find it in the quest log.



Sarah has long gray hair with a white flower behind her right ear. Her ensemble is full of flower motifs from a flower on her forehead to the patterns of her white dress with a black bust. Her right arm has a guard with flower petal decorations and she wields a white one-handed sword.


Sarah is shown in FFXV to be kind and mother like throughout the quest in the game. Though she is shown to be a bit naive and clumsy.



Sarah's ability is Salvation.



The name Sarah, (שָׂרָה in Hebrew) the Hebrew name for "princess", or a woman of high rank. In the Final Fantasy series Sarah is a recurring name for a princess.

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