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Sarah is a non-player character from the original Final Fantasy. She is the princess of Cornelia, daughter to the King of Cornelia and Queen Jayne, and has an unnamed younger sister.

Sarah was the first princess to appear in the series, and in future installments to the series other princesses would be named after her, making Sarah a recurring name in the Final Fantasy series. While initially a minor character, since the release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy the princess has discarded her NPC status and has been appearing more often as a playable character.



Princess Sarah's artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

In her NES sprite appearance, Sarah has blonde hair and wears a purple dress.

In her post-NES remakes' sprite appearance, Sarah has long mint green hair and blue eyes. She has a golden ornamental headband with a large red jewel and a golden pendant with a similar jewel. She wears a floor-length white dress that leaves the shoulders bare and has long sleeves.

In her other media appearances (based on her Yoshitaka Amano artwork), Sarah has pink hair, blue eyes, wears a golden yellow sheer halter-neck type dress with separate sleeves of the same fabric and a long flowing golden head scarf over her head piece. Her head ornament and her jewelry are still accentuated by red jewels, but they are more elaborate with her head ornament having two horns and her single pendant has transformed into a complex piece of jewelry that appears to be part of her dress. Since the release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, this has became the trademark appearance of Sarah.

Her Pixel Remaster sprite has pink hair instead of having green hair.


Sarah is demure, polite, and comes across as a stereotypical "damsel in distress" character, needing to be rescued from danger, but the short amount of time she is involved with the Warriors of Light proves to be the help that they need in the end.


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In Final Fantasy, Sarah was kidnapped by Garland and held hostage in the Chaos Shrine. The soldiers of the kingdom attempted to rescue her, but Garland was a master swordsman and defeated them. Garland stole Sarah's precious Lute and planned to ransom her life for the kingdom. However, Garland's character profile listed on the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call official website states he kidnapped Sarah after she did not reciprocate his love for her.[1]

The Warriors of Light rescue her. She wishes for them to stay, but knows they need to restore light to the Crystals. In return, she gives them the lute, which later enables the warriors to expose a hidden passage in the Chaos Shrine when they travel to the past.

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The name Sarah, (שָׂרָה in Hebrew) is the Hebrew name for "princess", or a woman of high rank.