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Saphyrtail is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Cleigne and the Rock of Ravatogh, and during the Sting in the Tail hunt.

They also appear in Timed Quests alongside reapertails on the following days of the month: 2, 9, 19 and 23, where the hunt yields 50 QP. They can be good for grinding AP in these Timed Quests as so many spawn and the player can kill them with warp-strikes.


Reaptertail offshoot common to volcanic climes. Exposure to brimstone has dyed its exoskeleton blue, and the paucity of edible prey has engendered a desperate and dangerous disposition.
Size: 13.61 ft. Weight: 318.3 lb.
A sulfurous saphyrtail spotted in Leide, far removed from its native Rock of Ravatogh. Its presence in the region is a mystery, though odds are it was a stowaway in some supply shipment. However it arrived, it is in the interests of the habitat to see that it does not remain.
Size: 13.71 ft. Weight: 337.3 lb.


Sting in the TailLongwythe Rest Area3
Red Hunt Icon
Saphyrtail x5Longwythe Peak (All Times)253,720 gil, Megalixir★★





Saphyrtails in Timed Quest in FFXV

Saphyrtails in a Timed Quest.

Saphyrtails use piercing attacks that ignore the player's vitality. They are weak to swords, greatswords, an lightning. In the Rock of Ravatogh they can be found fighting spiracorns. They cleave and crush with their claws, impale with their stingers, and a headbutt to knock back incoming opponents.


Throwing lightning-elemental elemancy at them works well, as do Gladiolus's area of effect Techniques. The player can warp-strike them for easy AP, especially in their Timed Quest where loads spawn at once.

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