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The Sant D'alsa Bluff area.

This high bluff looks down on the sea crashing against the rocks far below. The region is geologically active and warm the year round.

In-game description

The Sant D'alsa Bluff the name of an area in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, located in the western part of Ordalia. It is a somewhat out-of-the-way location that overlooks the gap between Loar and Ordalia.


The Zegrots Stones[]


The word "zegrots", meaning "that which belongs to a giant man", seems particularly appropriate for these massive stones.

Seagull Rise[]


Seabirds light upon the grassy hillside to rest their wings as waves crash against the cliffs far below.

Sant D'alsa Bluff[]


These cliffs rise sharply from the Strait of Lumes. The area is volcanically active, warming the water that flows from its springs.

Secret location[]

Mount Llavina[]


Several years past, this volcano stirred to life once again. The strong coastal winds carry ash from the eruptions high into the air.

This area is unlocked by examining the top left well in the mission "Odd Places".


Fluorgis Highroad[]

This road leads east to the city of Fluorgis. A strong, steady breeze blows in from the ocean.