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Recently we've observed several specimens not quite a chip off the old species, if you catch my drift. These abnormally strong creatures exhibit violent tendencies—you'll know if you find one. Just hope it doesn't find you first. They're a handful even for our hunters, so steer clear.

Sania Yeagre interviewed for radio

Sania Yeagre is a renowned biologist who works in Lucis in Final Fantasy XV. She researches the influence of Starscourge to the wildlife of Eos. She is a quest-giver, sending the party out to hunt rare frogs and animal parts, and talks about the state of the world and its wildlife on radio.


World-famous biologist conducting field research around the Lucian continent and granddaughter of notorious treasure hunter Sylvester Yeagre. While she is primarily known as the premier authority on amphibology, the good doctor has published countless papers on a variety of subjects spanning the social and natural sciences. Unfettered by conventional methodologies, she defies any dangers to complete her research, which currently focuses on the recent rise in generic mutations among Eosian wildlife.
Contrary to her unassuming appearance, Sania's combat skills rival those of even the most experienced hunters. Some tell tales of the Redcap Killer, a madwoman known for toppling the fiercest of foes in the dead of night, unleashing a ghastly shriek as she delivers a deadly roundhouse kick to her enemies' head. Despite the subject of these stories bearing a striking resemblance to Dr. Yeagre, no one has ever caught her in the act.



Sania wears a red floppy hat, round-rimmed glasses, jeans, purple shirt and a pale blue poncho. She has binoculars hanging around her neck and a brown cross-body messenger bag. She wears a luminescence rectangular watch on her left wrist.


Sania seemingly works alone, but does not hesitate to hire hunters to aid in her endeavor to get to the bottom of the bizarre changes that have been happening in the wild, as collecting samples is often dangerous due to aggressive wildlife and daemons. She is enthusiastic about wilderness and pragmatic about the results of her research.


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Gladiolus Amicitia meets Sania at Hammerhead when Prince Noctis's retinue stops by there to repair their car. After the retinue opens the imperial blockade to Duscae, they stop by Coernix Station - Alstor to fill up their tank where Gladiolus again spots Sania. He tells Noctis she is "into wildlife" and tells him to go introduce himself. Sania has already heard of the party's exploits as new hunters in the area, and asks Noctis to bring her some red frogs, a recent mutation. Afterward, Ignis Scientia ponders where he has heard of her, and recognizes her surname, as Sania's parents are likewise renowned scientists. Prompto Argentum is incredulous they had unwittingly met someone famous.

Sania is researching the anomalies to local wild life. She posits the mutations observed across Lucis are not a recent development, although their effects have been accelerating. She is eager to hire Noctis for more expeditions despite his reluctance, and after he brings her five rainbow-colored frogs, he finally manages to refuse offers for further cooperation. He cites "royal business" as to why he is too busy to help her, and she mistakes him as being an actor in the royal theater and wishes him good luck in his upcoming play.

Sania eventually uncovers the frogs are mutating due to a plasmodium festering in the earth itself. After Eos is enveloped in the long night, Sania speculates the nidus she had discovered is the point from which all daemons are spawning, and informs the Hunters. She also encounters a Magic Pot, describing it a strange species of daemon that hoards luxury goods in its vase.[1]

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Sightings and mentions[]

Sania at Hammerhead looking at weapons.

Sania is first spotted near the Hammerhead weapon shop at the start of the game. A scene of Gladiolus telling Sania to stay beautiful remains in the Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, but was removed from the original game.[2] Later, if the player visits Keycatrich Trench or Balouve Mines in Chapter 1 before meeting up with Cor Leonis, they can see Sania standing near the entrance peering in, telling them they'll need the key to unlock the royal tombs. There are also two kids who talk about Sania in Lestallum. The boy thinks she is weird, but the girl says she is tougher than any hunter.

In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, the player can read a newspaper article at the Norduscaen Garrison titled "Dr. Yeagre Dispels Daemonic Misconceptions". One of the ending scenes for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis depicts Sania alongside Ignis as well as some other characters during Noctis's long sleep.

The map pieces in the Scraps of Mystery sidequest were made by Sylvester Yeagre, Sania's grandfather.


Sania sends the party out to find rare frogs and other wildlife. All of the required frogs do not always spawn, so the player may need to camp and return for them to appear. The player can simply listen to croaking sounds when around the body of water for the quest, rather than try to scour the ground to spot them. If there is no croaking, the frog has not spawned. She gives out accessories that protect against status ailments as rewards for completing her quests.

Ribbon, the accessory that protects against all ailments and even Instant Death, is obtained from Sania's final quest the Frogs of Legend that sends the party on a wild goose chase to find rainbow-colored frogs.

The Professor's ProtégéDuscaeReach Chapter 033,000 EXP, Star Pendant x1
The Professor's Protégé - Yellow FrogsDuscaeComplete "The Professor's Protégé"4,000 EXP, Rainbow Pendant x1
The Professor's Protégé - GigantoadCleigneComplete "The Professor's Protégé" - Yellow Frogs4,000 EXP, Rainbow Pendant x1
The Professor's Protégé - WyvernRock of RavatoghComplete "The Professor's Protégé" - Gigantoad8,000 EXP, Earth Pendant x1
The Professor's Protégé - Myrlwood FireflyCleigneComplete "The Professor's Protégé" - Wyvern10,000 EXP, Golden Hourglass x1
The Professor's Protégé - GriffonDuscaeComplete "The Professor's Protégé" - Myrlwood Firefly12,000 EXP, Safety Bit x1
The Frogs of LegendMeldacio Hunter HQComplete "The Professor's Protégé" - Griffon15,000 EXP, Ribbon x1



Jäger is German for "hunter".