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Sandy is an optional boss in Final Fantasy X, fought at Remiem Temple alongside Cindy and Mindy. She will later be fought again inside Sin if the player gained the Magus Sisters optional aeon.


Remiem Temple



Remiem Temple[]

Belgemine's Sandy uses a moderately powerful physical attack and Razzia. The sisters will use their Overdrive, Delta Attack, when all of their gauges are full. Sandy's Overdrive gauge increases by 5% when damaged and 10% when attacking. She can be revived from KO, which will conceal her gauge.


Inside Sin, Sandy will cast Reflect on Cindy, Haste on herself and Mindy as long as they don't have Reflect, and use Razzia. Her Overdrive gauge increases by 40~60% when targeted by Power Wave from a Yu Pagoda, 5~25% when targeted by an attack, and 0~10% when using an ability.

Sandy has an unused version of Razzia, which is Rank 3 instead of 5 and has increased range.


Sandy's special attack, Razzia, translates to "pirate raid".

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