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For years the sandworm has held a place in Galkan folklore; the enormous worms were said to lurk in the deserts of the underworld, scavenging upon the interred bodies of the dead. Thought for a long time to be nothing more than a fictitious beast, proof of their existence came as a shock during the Great War when they were observed on numerous occasions, burrowing up onto the field of battle to swallow unsuspecting soldiers.

The original sandworm has been spotted in a number of areas, but thus far has not yielded any notable treasures on its own. It can, however, teleport whole parties into battlefield fights, which can yield amazing rewards.

Special attacks[]

  • Aeolian Void: Cone Attack damage, Silence, and Blind.
  • Dessication: Single target attack that can remove some or all equipment, reset Job Ability cooldowns to max, and Knockback.
  • Doomvoid: Draws in and teleports players in AoE to a battlefield to fight the shadowreign version of either Serket, King Arthro, or Guivre, depending on the region in which the Sandworm was found. Occasionally, Lambton Worm will randomly appear in place of one of the three NMs mentioned above, regardless of the region in which the Sandworm was found. Sandworm only.
  • Dustvoid: Cone Attack damage, Knockback, and removes all equipment.
  • Extreme Purgation: AoE attack that steals status effects, both positive and negative.
  • Slaverous Gale: Cone Attack damage.
  • Gorge: Conal HP drain. Gigaworm family only.
  • Disgorge: High conal distributed damage based on how much the worm has healed since the last Gorge, both from the Gorge and from passive healing. Gigaworm family only.
  • Psyche Suction: Drains HP and absorbs attributes from all in the area of effect. Attribute absorbtion effect is extremely high. Ulhuadshi only.



  • It is very likely that the sandworm named Glavoid takes its name from the similarly designed Graboids, the monsters from the movie series Tremors. Their names are in fact the same, as Glavoid and Graboid are different Romanizations of the same Japanese characters.