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The Sandworm is a boss in Final Fantasy V. It attacks the party when they try to cross the Desert of Shifting Sands when summoned by Cid and Mid. Upon its defeat, the party uses its body as a bridge to enter the desert. It hides and fights in holes. In the Finest Fantasy for Advance and the now defunct mobile and Steam versions, Sandworm is also fought in the Sealed Temple's Cloister of the Dead.





The Sandworm will hide during the battle in one of three holes. The party must wait for the worm to pop up, then hit it. Despite what Mid says before the battle, the party can use Black Magic and suffer no consequences. However, attacking the holes will cause each of them to counter with Gravity, halving a random character's HP, so it is best to avoid multi- or random-targeting attacks. The Sandworm's other attack is Quicksand, which damages the whole party and inflicts sap.


An easy way to win is to use the non-elemental Blue Magic spell Aqua Breath. Since the worm is a desert-type enemy, Aqua Breath will do 8x damage, killing the worm in one hit. Aqua Breath is learned from the Dhorme Chimera encountered in the desert north of Library of the Ancients.

In most versions,[note 1] water-elemental attacks are also effective against desert-types. Having Ninjas throw Water Scrolls will make quick work of the Sandworm.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Sandworm FFV.png

Sandworm from Final Fantasy V appears as an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Triple Triad[]

083a Sandworm.png

Sandworm from Final Fantasy V appears on a Triple Triad card playable in the Final Fantasy Portal App.

Behind the scenes[]

The enemy ability known as Resploder in the PS version and Chain Detonation in the GBA version, is named ゆうばく in Japanese. It may have been intended to be a special attack (as it appears in the attack lists for Ramuh, Catoblepas, Sekhmet, Sandworm, Exdeath's normal and tree forms, Archeoaevis, Gilgamesh, and Wendigo), but it is just a normal physical attack. Crystal Dragon has it as a Catch/Release ability, but when used as a Release it acts the same as a normal Attack. The ability was removed (at least from Crystal Dragon) in the iOS version.



  1. In the defunct mobile and PC versions, water element does not deal bonus damage any more, but throwing scrolls is still one of the best ways to deal damage at this stage of the game.