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The Sanctum Inquisitrix is an enemy that appears in Final Fantasy XIII.

This enemy can be found in Edenhall, before the entrance to Orphan's Cradle. It has a low chance of dropping Perfume, which can be sold for gil.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

The Sanctum Inquisitrix is a fast enemy; it casts Bravery and Haste and can be dangerous when fought alongside others of its kind.

This is the only enemy in Final Fantasy XIII that can cast Bravera, a stat-boosting spell that increases its target's strength by at least 80%.

Strategy Edit

It is recommended that Lightning and her allies challenge this enemy with Auto-Teradefense and Auto-Haste equipped (via the Tetradic Tiara and Sprint Shoes, respectively).

The Evened Odds (SAB/SYN/MED), Bully (SAB/SYN/COM), Guerrilla (SAB/SYN/RAV), and Premeditation (SAB/SYN/SEN) paradigms prove useful, as they allow the party to debuff this enemy and power itself up simultaneously. The Dispelga technique can also be used to remove the Sanctum Inquisitrix's various buffs, but this should only be done as a last resort.

In the post-game, the Relentless Assault paradigm (RAV/COM/RAV) should be enough to defeat a Sanctum Inquisitrix.

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