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A location in the Sanctum

The Sanctum is a location in Vagrant Story, located between the Catacombs and the west part of the Town Center. It is a dark dungeon located on the route to Leá Monde. Ashley Riot passes through here on his mission to investigate the events in the dark city. Though once a sanctuary for pilgrims of the Iocus Priesthood, the area is now a dark ruin thanks to the earthquakes. Many small libraries and warehouses can be found in the stone dungeon. The sound of an underground river floods the air.

To go further in the game, the player must find the cloudstone which is located at the other side of the Sanctum from the exit.


Sublocation Treasures Enemies
Corridor of the Clerics n/a Skeleton (X2)
Priests' Confinement n/a Bat (X2)
The Alchemist's Laboratory Chest:
  • Bosom Cleaver
-Dragonite Gem
  • Grimoire Halte
Zombie Knight (X2), Poison Slime
The Academia Corridor n/a Skeleton, Hellhound
Theology Classroom n/a Ghost, Skeleton
Shrine to the Matyrs n/a Hellhound, Skeleton Knight
Hallowed Hope n/a Golem (Boss)
Advent Ground Magic Circle Bat, Lizardman
Passage of the Refugees n/a Bat, Poison Slime, Lizardman
The Cleansing Chantry n/a Dragon (Boss)