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FFXI Sanction Status.png Sanction appears in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion of Final Fantasy XI. It is given out by gate guards for the Empire of Aht Urhgan. Players are listed as acting as a mercenary with the sanction of the Empire.

Sanction gives Imperial Standing, which can be used to buy items and equipment from gate guards. It can also be exchanged for Imperial Currency, which functions on Bronze, Silver, Mithril, and Gold instead of gil (though gil is used by almost all vendors). Sanction can also be used to purchase a pass to use the Runic Portal which provides easy transportation to and from various Staging Points.

For the exchange of 100 Imperial Standing, a player can get a Regen, Refresh, or an effect to increase the duration of food. The Regen and Refresh effect is 1 HP or 1 MP per tick whenever the player is below a variable percentage of his or her total HP or MP, respectively. The extension on food is upwards of doubling the total time. These effects are actually dependent upon the Imperial Defense Standing at the time.

Players must complete a quest to become a mercenary capable of receiving Imperial Sanction. At that point they will be given the rank of Private Second Class. Sanction will last for 3 hours at that rank and 1 additional hour per rank above "PSC" the player earns.

Purchasable items with Imperial Standing[]


Use of the Runic Portal can be obtained through spending Imperial Standing. Use of the Runic Portal is free when a character has an Assault quest active; however, if the player pays 200 Imperial Standing, they can use the portal to warp from Aht Urhgan Whitegate to a staging point. Use of the Runic Portal from a staging point to Aht Urhgan is free.


Imperial Currency[]

Imperial Currency can be purchased in exchange for Imperial Standing. Imperial Currency is generally used in quests where players are asked to interact with natives of Aht Urhgan.

Imperial Items[]

Required rank Cost Equipment
No rank 7 IS Scroll of Instant Reraise
10 IS Scroll of Instant Warp
100 IS Lambent Fire Cell
Lambent Water Cell
Lambent Earth Cell
Lambent Wind Cell
2000 IS Cobalt Cell
Rubicund Cell
Xanthous Cell
Jade Cell
Cipher of Mihli's alter ego (Only available during Alter Ego Extravaganza)
5000 IS Heat Capacitor
Power Cooler
Barrage Turbine
20,000 IS Kaana Strap
Axe Grip
Staff Strap
Private Second Class 1,000 IS Map of Mamook
Map of Halvung
Map of Arrapago Reef
Private First Class 2,000 IS Volunteer's Dart
Mercenary's Dart
Imperial Dart
Superior Private 4,000 IS Mamoolbane
Luzaf's Ring
Lance Corporal 8,000 IS Sneaking Boots
Trooper's Ring
Sentinel Shield
Corporal 16,000 IS Shark Gun
Puppet Claws
Singh Kilij
Sergeant 24,000 IS Mercenary's Trousers
Multiple Ring
Haten Earring
Sergeant Major 32,000 IS Volunteer's Brais
Priest's Earring
Chaotic Earring
Chief Sergeant 40,000 IS Perdu Bow
Perdu Hanger
Perdu Wand
Perdu Sickle
Second Lieutenant 48,000 IS Perdu Blade
Perdu Crossbow
Perdu Staff
Perdu Sword
Perdu Voulge
First Lieutenant 56,000 IS Lieutenant's Gorget
Lieutenant's Sash
Lieutenant's Cape