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Sanbreque is the largest theocratic force in Valisthea. The Empire's holy capital Oriflamme is built around Drake's Head, the Mothercrystal that blesses the surrounding provinces with abundant aether. The people happily take advantage of this, living in comfort and security under the watchful gaze of the Holy Emperor, whom they worship as the living incarnation of the one true deity. The Dominant of [Eikon] serves as the empire's champion, taking to the field in times of war to rout its enemies.

Official description[1]

The Holy Empire of Sanbreque (ザンブレク皇国, Zanbureku Kōkoku?, lit. Empire of Sanbreque) is a nation in the world of Final Fantasy XVI led by an emperor the populace believes to be the living incarnation of the one true deity. Their emblem is a golden holy figure within a golden crest. On the official website, who the Dominant for the nation is is crossed out from the nation's description.



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