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Commander Samantha.

What is Sydney thinking? Summoning evil beyond his control... He fill his chalice with poison, and savors it like wine!

Lady Samantha

Commander Samantha (サマンサ, Samansa?) is an officer of the Order of the Crimson Blades in Vagrant Story. In spite of her appearance, she is a knight who takes an active role in combat. She is the lover of her commander, Romeo Guildenstern and shares his dream of being together forever as immortals.



Samantha is young, alluring woman in her mid twenties, with pale blonde hair and bronze eyes. She wears short, tartan pleated skirt, stockings with garters and red corset. She has red rose tattooed on her breast, as a coat of arms' symbol of Order of the Crimson Blades. Presumably Sydney is jealous about her relationship with Romeo Guildenstern.


She is the only character to call Romeo Guildenstern by his first name, a sign of their affection to one other. Unlike the other Crimson Blades, she is shown to be fearful for the losses of so many men during the attack on Leá Monde. She has a similar mind wavelength as that of the hero, Ashley Riot, allowing him to view her mind as a way of eavesdropping on Crimson Blade meetings.


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Samantha finds her demon in the one she loves.

Samantha stays by Guildenstern's side for most of the story and is his loyal companion. At one point, Sydney Losstarot appears before the two and tells Samantha that her lover may not equal her in loyalty, though Samantha takes no heed of these words. During a meeting with Lady Neesa, Samantha shows some doubts about things when she hears of the great losses the Crimson Blades had taken. Sydney attacks Samantha to distract Guildenstern long enough for him to teleport his friend, John Hardin, to safety.

In the end, Guildenstern betrays his lover by using her as an unwilling sacrifice so that he may take the power of the Dark for himself. After wounding her fatally, Guildenstern tells her that this is necessary for the fulfillment of their dream. Samantha calmly tells her lover that this is not true. She realizes that there is no place for her in his dream, and that Guildenstern was using her the entire time. Her corpse falls off the roof of the Grand Cathedral, her story ending in tragedy.

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Samantha is a word of uncertain origin. It possibly comes from Aramaic noun ܫܡܥܢܬܐ ‎(šemʿanta) meaning "listener".