Need to take enemies down in a pinch? Salve-Makers have an item for that.

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Uses items to maximum effect!

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Salve-Maker job icon. The Salve-Maker is a job in Bravely Default. It is obtained after defeating Qada in Starkfort.

The Salve-Maker focuses primarily on the use of items for attack, defense, and support. The Salve Maker's signature ability is Compounding, which allows the Salve-Maker to combine two items for unique effects. However, they also have other abilities which increase the power of their items, allow for instant item use, or inflict damage on the enemy. The items they use can be obtained as enemy drops or from Norende once the player has constructed the appropriate shop. The Salve-Maker has generally good stats all around, with the best being their Mind stat. They tend to rely on staves and daggers for physical damage. Also, several of their skills such as Healing Lore double the power of any restorative effect including Magic and items such as Ether, making it a useful job to level up to level 11 to mix with other magical jobs.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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Proficiency[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]


Equipment[edit | edit source]

Swords Axes Spears Rods Staves Daggers Bows Katanas Knuckles Shields Helms Armor

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Salve-Maker's Specialty is Healing Lore. Its Job Command is Medication.

Ability Job Level Cost Description
Compounding 1 Combine two items to obtain a special effect.
First Aid 2 Restore HP to the ally with the lowest HP at the end of the turn. Note that this ability can even be used in the silence state.
Experiment 3 Transform a consumable item into an attack item.
Attack Item Amp 4 1 slot Raise the damage dealt by attack items to 1.5 times normal.
Inoculate 5 Use a consumable item that cures a status ailment on one target to confer immunity to that status ailment for six turns. Note that this ability can even be used in the silence state.
Auto-Potion 6 1 slot Automatically use a potion on yourself when you take damage. Note that you must have a potion for this to occur.
Shorten Ailment 7 1 slot The chance of the status ailments sleep, paralyze, dread, confuse, charm, and stop being naturally cured at the start of each turn rises to 50% higher than normal.
Widen Area 8 1 BP Use an item and apply its effects to all targets.
Healing Lore 9 2 slots Double the effectiveness of recovery effects when you use magic, abilities, or items to restore HP or MP.
Turn Toxic 10 Inflict poison and deal damage to one target equal to the recovery amount of a recovery item.
Auto-Phoenix 11 2 slots Automatically use a phoenix down if an ally is in the K.O. state during the last command in your turn. Note that this will not occur if you do not have a phoenix down.
*Will not activate during Bravely Second.
Collect 12 Get an item during a battle. Note that the items you get differ by location.
Resurrect 13 Resurrect all K.O. allies and restore 25% of their maximum HP. Note that this ability can even be used in the silence state.
Feel No Pain 14 3 slots HP will not fall for two turns after the start of a battle, even when taking damage. But at the end of the second turn, any damage taken will be subtracted from HP all at once. Note that damage in this case cannot be reduced.

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