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The Salvage Ship is an unrevisitable location in Final Fantasy X. The ship belongs to the Al Bhed, and is used to go diving in ruins for machina.


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Brother attempting to communicate with Tidus.

Tidus awakens on the ship after being knocked out by Rikku. Brother, the leader of the ship, tries to enlist Tidus's help with the salvage operation, but Tidus doesn't speak Al Bhed, and fails to understand him. Rikku, as the only person on the ship who can speak Spiran, asks Tidus to help them, offering food and passage in return. Tidus accepts, and he and Rikku jump into the sea to explore the Underwater Ruins.

After they succeed in salvaging an airship from the depths, Rikku asks Tidus where he comes from. When Tidus tells her he comes from Zanarkand, she tells him that he is likely suffering from amnesia induced by exposure to Sin's toxin. Tidus begins to realize that this is not the same world he comes from. Rikku suggests Tidus goes to Luca, the city that hosts blitzball games, in hopes that someone there might recognize him. Sin attacks the ship, causing Tidus to fall into the sea.

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  • Potion x3 (from man on far left) - these may be collected repeatedly by leaving the area, returning to the ship, and speaking to the man again. There is no limit to how many times this may be performed.
  • Al Bhed Primer Vol. I


On the surface and underwater:

Behind the scenes[]

The ship model is reused for the ship during the Luca event where the Al Bhed abduct Yuna to their ship, though Tidus mentions it is not the same ship. Rikku's ship in Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm is also identical.