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Salvage is a special event in Final Fantasy XI, added onto the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion on the Dec 18, 2006 version update.


Salvage missions can use up to one full alliance. Players must each obtain a pass that allows them to enter. This is purchased in exchange for 2000 Assault Points. Everyone in the alliance must enter before the first creature is engaged, otherwise they will be unable to join.


Upon entering, each player is unable to equip anything, unable to use spells, has artificially low capped HP and MP, has artificially reduced statistics, is unable to cast, and takes no advantage of their Support Job. These can all be removed through the use of cells, one or more of which can be dropped off of each creature defeated.


There are a number of special items that can drop off of creatures in Salvage. These items can be turned in, in conjunction with Imperial Currency, and crafted items for armor.