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Sallet is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It is of no threat to the player and can be dealt with in a variety of ways. It uses Raldo's model from Final Fantasy X.




Creature Creator[]

Sallet was created from the spirit of a Yevon monk who lived during the time of High Summoner Yocun. Seeing himself as Yuna's Guardian, he was ultimately in denial until he came to Zanarkand where he passed on to the Farplane.

Fiend Tale[]

Lady Yuna, to imagine that one such as I could ever accompany you on your journeys! There could be no greater joy for a monk of Yevon to feel. Since the time of Yocun, I have desired to fulfill my dreams of guarding the great summoners! But never did I believe that I would see my dreams come true in this monstrous form. Biding my time in this shell was the right move after all! Old though I may be, I swear to you I shall train day and night to become a worthy protector!
Ughhhh... Quite a strain on this old man... But I'll be fine, Lady. I swore to be your guardian. I won't let something like this strike me down! I will stand strong until we arrive safely at Zanarkand. Leave everything to me, Lady Yuna! I shall protect you! Still, the shaking of this ship does cause me consternation. Are the storms of Sin closing in on us?
Wh-What's this now? The ship is powered by machines!? Lady Yuna, what a horrible joke! Yevon teachings state that machines are forbidden. Please, don't tease an old man! And you say Sin no longer terrorizes us!? That the Calm will last for time eternal? What tall tales you would have me believe! I'm not as senile as you may think, Lady Yuna!
And you tell me peace reigns throughout the land and that you're no longer a summoner, but a sphere hunter!? So... this ship has been overcome by the foul taint of Sin! Forgive me, Lady Yuna, for failing you! No, I must not give up! We must make haste to Zanarkand, to Lady Yunalesca! Then Lady Yuna will see the truth!

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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The sallet was a war helmet that replaced the bascinet in Italy, western and northern Europe and Hungary during the mid-15th century.

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