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Tricky Spirits in Salikawood.

The chirping of birds can always be heard here. An abandoned keep stands in the middle of the wood.


Salikawood (サリカ樹林, Sarika jurin?) is the woodland location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The first fight with Babus Swain in "Mission #010: Emerald Keep" occurs here. Rumors of a giant emerald Crystal bring Babus and Marche to the same location in the wood, where Marche lets slip that he knows Prince Mewt and Babus attempted to apprehend him. It can be freed in "Mission #248: The Salikawood" after "Mission #012: Jagd Hunt" is completed.


  • "Mission #010: Emerald Keep"

The Royal Mage Academy has given up their research for the giant emerald crystal of Salika Keep. Treasure hunters, now's your chance!

Levey, Search Team Member
  • "Mission #035: Salika Keep"

Gaol, lover of the moon maiden Evelyn, was out with Lini the Moogle when the keeplord of Salika invited them... to die!

"The Hero Gaol, Chapter 4"
  • "Mission #081: The Redwings"

The Redwings base has been found in the Salikawood. Dark Knight Grissom, the Redwings boss is there. Godspeed.

The Mysterious Minstrel
  • "Mission #093: Flan Breakout"

There's been an outbreak of flan near our logging site! They'll eat all the trees, and we'll be out of a job! Help!

Dals, Lumberjack
  • "Mission #248: The Salikawood"

I plan on cutting a path though the Salikawood. I'll do some reforesting, too! I can't pay much, but I really need help.

Laycher, Innkeeper


Tricky Spirits[]

Woodland fairy. Likes to play pranks on people, driving some to madness.


Turf Defense[]

Help Salika![]

  • Sprite x2
  • Titania
  • Red Cap



Salix is the Latin word for and modern scientific genus of the willow tree. The forms salika or saliko can be found in constructed languages Esperanto and Ido, and similar forms in other Romance languages, such as Italian salice.