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Salamand is a snowy town in Final Fantasy II. It is northwest of Poft. According to the Japanese novelization, this is the birthplace of the protagonist, Firion, as well as where Borghen hails from.


The town's male population was captured by the empire of Palamecia and used as slave labor, mining Mythril in Semitt Falls. Josef's house is in the northeastern part of town. He wants Firion and his allies to prove themselves by rescuing the townspeople, and after Paul and Firion save his daughter Nelly from the Empire, who had blackmailed Josef with her life, he advises on how to steal the Mythril from the claws of Palamecia.

When Firion learns the Goddess's Bell is in the snow cave north of Salamand, Josef tells him that he has an old ice sled in Semitt Falls. He accompanies them to retrieve the sled from the falls. After his death, the townspeople are devastated.


Armor Shop[]

The armor shop of Salamand.

Item Cost (DoS onwards) Cost (Origins)
Bronze Shield 150 gil 200 gil
Bronze Helm 150 gil 200 gil
Bronze Armor 200 gil 400 gil
Bronze Gloves 150 gil 300 gil

Weapon Shop[]

The weapon shop of Salamand.

Item Cost (DoS onwards) Cost (Origins)
Mace 150 gil 500 gil
Longsword 200 gil 600 gil
Battle Axe 250 gil 800 gil
Longbow 150 gil 250 gil

Item Shop[]

The item shop of Salamand.

Item Cost (DoS onwards') Cost (Origins)
Potion 30 gil 50 gil
Hi-Potion 150 gil 500 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil 100 gil
Antidote 30 gil 200 gil
Cross 50 gil 1,000 gil
Mallet 60 gil 2,000 gil
Maiden's Kiss 500 gil 2,500 gil
Gold Needle 500 gil 2,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil 5,000 gil
Ether 1,000 gil 2,500 gil
Cottage 2,000 gil 5,000 gil
Elixir 50,000 gil 50,000 gil

Magic Shop[]

The magic shop of Salamand.

Item Cost (DoS onwards) Cost (Origins)
Life Tome 1,000 gil 1,500 gil
Sap Tome 1,000 gil 1,500 gil
Warp Tome 1,000 gil 1,500 gil
Teleport Tome 1,000 gil 1,500 gil


Outside, before Cyclone[]

Outside, after Cyclone[]

Musical themes[]


The background music that plays in Salamand is the Final Fantasy II "Town" Theme.



Despite "salamander" (the word on which the name of the town is based) being a creature associated with fire, Salamand is a snowy town. Salamander is a mythological reptile believed to be able to breathe and resist fire. In legends, ancient alchemists are said to use Salamanders to determine the heat of the fire necessary to turn lead to gold.