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The most prominent organization of Mercenaries in Aht Urhgan and the only one with direct authorization of the Empress herself, Salaheem's Sentinels is a mercenary company; providing work and employment for mercenaries of various race. Recently Salaheem's Sentinels have been hired by the Empire of Aht Urhgan for a large scale deployment of mercenaries to aid the Imperial Armies.

The company is led by President Salaheem and organized by her secretary, Abquhbah.

Rank and promotion[]

Mercenary Rank Quest for Obtaining Rank Key Item Rank-Up Points Needed for Promotion to Next Rank
Private Second Class Aht Urhgan Mission 3: President Salaheem PSC Wildcat Badge 25
Private First Class Promotion: Private First Class PFC Wildcat Badge 25
Superior Private Promotion: Superior Private SP Wildcat Badge 25
Lance Corporal Promotion: Lance Corporal LC Wildcat Badge 25
Corporal Promotion: Corporal C Wildcat Badge 25
Sergeant Promotion: Sergeant S Wildcat Badge 25
Sergeant Major Promotion: Sergeant Major SM Wildcat Badge 25
Chief Sergeant Promotion: Chief Sergeant CS Wildcat Badge 25
Second Lieutenant Promotion: Second Lieutenant SL Wildcat Badge 25
First Lieutenant Promotion: First Lieutenant FL Wildcat Badge All Assaults Complete
Captain Promotion: Captain Captain Wildcat Badge