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Sahagin is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Cleigne and during the Acquit Not Evil hunt.

A triad of Lv.22 sahagins fights in Cleigne Crossroads and All-Star Monster Mayhem in Totomostro under the team name Fish Eaters.


Found largely around the Vesperpool, usually in groups of ten or twenty. This four-legged aquatic organism lurks beneath the surface, then uses its sturdy jaw to clamp down on prey that ventures near the water's edge before dragging its catch back into the depths to devour it.
Size: 19.55 ft. Weight: 2,057.1 lb.
A more ferocious variant of the sahagin that roams the Vesperpool. It often works together with the formidable alphagin, and is therefore often included with its superior sahagin cousin as a target of hunts.
Size: 19.65 ft. Weight: 2,090.6 lb.


Acquit Not EvilLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine4
Red Hunt Icon
Alphagin x3, Sahagin x2Upper Wennath (All Times)386,650 gil, Knight's Anklet★★★





Sahagin's attacks deal physical damage. They can latch onto the player and roll, but the player can button mash when the prompt appears to break free. They spray jets of water from their mouths for a ranged attack.



Sahuagin (often misspelled or transliterated "sahagin") are fishlike, monstrous humanoids that appear in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.


Deadly Waters Sahagin

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