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The Sahagin is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Missions 14, 16, and 57.

Sahagins fight in groups and can be found in the Font Namva (in the Archylte Steppe). Sahagins are fought in missions that unlock certain gameplay elements. Completing Mission 14 lets the player ride chocobos on the steppe and completing Mission 57, along with all of the missions in the Cie'th Stone circle, unleashes the Shaolong Gui and Long Gui.

Mission Edit

14 - Defender of the FlockEdit

Mark: Sahagin
Locale: Archylte Steppe - Font of Namva
Class: C

A sahagin infestation threatens the steppe chocobos who roost at the Font of Namva—those gentle souls I've known since I was a child!

The great and merciful fal'Cie heard my plea, and granted me the power to save them, I may never again be able to feel the warmth of their golden down, but I can think of no happier way to spend eternity than watching over them from the water's edge.

16 - Surrogate SlayerEdit

Mark: Sahagin
Locale: Archylte Steppe - Font of Namva
Class: B

My dear, sweet sister set out with her grandiose dreams of saving the chocobos, but never returned. I have sought her crystal high and low, but it is nowhere to be found. Can it be that she turned into a Cie'th? No, she will return—she must. But until she does, there is no one to defend the flock.

Perhaps if I complete her Focus, the fal'Cie will set her free? I will set out for the Font of Namva at dawn, and put an end to the sahagin's predation!

57 - What's Yours is BrineEdit

Mark: Sahagin
Locale: Vallis Media - Atzilut's Tears
Class: C

The soul seeks opposite extremes, and rends its fiber in so doing—at once craving autonomy and yearning to be part of a greater whole.

Entreat with the sahagin, who eases suffering souls, and become one with life's circle here again.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

A Water-elemental opponent, Sahagin is weak against Fire and Lightning. Sahagins are fast and inflict Slow. They attack in groups and tend to focus their attack on the same target.

Strategy Edit

Area-of-effect spells are good, especially of the elements Sahagins are weak to, as they also halt their current action and stop them from ganging up on a character. When first encountered in Chapter 11, Sahagins can be horrifically strong, when they focus their attacks on a single party member, and without a Sentinel, their attacks will take a toll on a party fresh from the Fifth Ark. When returning during Chapter 13, or during post-story, Sahagins are easily dismissed, casually swatted aside with the Relentless Assault paradigm.

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Etymology Edit

Sahuagin (often misspelled or transliterated "sahagin") are fishlike, monstrous humanoids that appear in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

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