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Sahagin are a race of Beastmen that live on the remote island of Elshimo in Final Fantasy XI, far from the major nations of Vana'diel. They are the unsavory neighbors of the citizens of Kazham and pirates of Norg. Sahagin can be found in greatest numbers in the Sea Serpent Grotto.

Sahagin are amphibious creatures that spend much of their time practicing primitive fishing techniques. Other than to protect their territory, Sahagin rarely interact with other races. Apart from limited trading with Norg (they often trade shellfish for metal trinkets salvaged by the pirates), the Sahagin have little contact with the outside world.

A few Sahagin reside with the Mamool Ja in the Near East, taking on the Mamool name. These Sahagin are rarely seen in combat with the Mamool, so the true relationship between them remains unknown.

Many Sahagin worship the elements, and have made deities out of sea serpents and oddly shaped stones within their grotto. Even so, within their ranks are some who follow the teachings of the Goddess Altana.

Sahagin generally only have four jobs, with exceptions being rare even among Notorious Monsters. They are almost always Monks, Dragoons, Bards, or White Mages.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Bog Sahagin
  • Brook Sahagin
  • Coastal Sahagin
  • Creek Sahagin
  • Delta Sahagin
  • Lagoon Sahagin
  • Lake Sahagin
  • Mamool Ja Frogman
  • Mamool Ja Diver
  • Marsh Sahagin
  • Pond Sahagin
  • Riparian Sahagin
  • Rivulet Sahagin
  • River Sahagin
  • Shore Sahagin
  • Spring Sahagin
  • Stream Sahagin
  • Swamp Sahagin

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Abyss Sahagin
  • Brook Sahagin
  • Coral Sahagin
  • Demisahagin Bard
  • Demisahagin Dragoon
  • Demisahagin Monk
  • Demisahagin White Mage
  • Denn the Orcavoiced
  • Fyuu the Seabellow
  • Hyohh the Conchblower
  • Houu the Shoalwader
  • Kappa Akuso
  • Kappa Biwa
  • Kappa Bonze
  • Lake Sahagin
  • Meww the Turtlerider
  • Mouu the Waverider
  • Novv the Whitehearted
  • Ocean Sahagin
  • Pahh the Gullcaller
  • Pevv the Riverleaper
  • Pyuu the Spatemaker
  • Qull the Fallstopper
  • Qull the Shellbuster
  • Rauu the Whaleswooner
  • Rivulet Sahagin
  • Sahagin Patriarch
  • Seww the Squidlimbed
  • Telchines Bard
  • Telchines Dragoon
  • Telchines Monk
  • Telchines White Mage
  • Voll the Sharkfinned
  • Worr the Clawfisted
  • Wuur the Sandcomber
  • Yarr the Pearleyed
  • Zuug the Shoreleaper


  • Bou the Righteous
  • Hurr the Betrayer

Special attacks[]

Sahagin come equipped with a job, and readily use spells available to that job.

  • Bubble Armor: Self-target Shell (status).
  • Hydro Ball: Water damage and STR down. Ignores Utsusemi.
  • Hydro Shot: Single-target damage and Knockback. Resets Enmity. Long charge time.
  • Jumping Thrust: Similar to Dragoon's Jump, only used by Dragoon-class Sahagin.
  • Spinning Fin: Area of effect damage, Stun effect.



Sahuagin are fishlike, monstrous humanoids that appear in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.